BR Mode in full release. Yes/No?

There has been some discussion about weather the stripped down version of action combat should remain post launch as an instanced PVP battleground adjacent to the MMORPG. Do we really want a 'Fortnite'-esque version of Ashes dividing up our player base? Let's put it to a vote.


  • Good question.
    Let's say the BR mode makes it into the game, how much will it divide the playerbase? Will there be players only playing the BR mode, in my opinion, no. I think it can be fun for a game or two, like you have 10min to kill, so you queue up for a quick game.
    I'm not sure how much this contributes, but my mind instantly wanders to Rocket League, they released several new game modes there and for a week everyone plays them, but after.. well the queue dies. That makes me think that the same would happen to a BR mode. It wouldn't influence the playerbase on a large scale, I assume.

    The thing I would prefer to having a BR mode permanently, is actually make it temporally. Two days a month, a week every 6 months, something like that. Test new abilities/ mechanics or just give the community a breeze of fresh air.

    Whether BR is in the game at release or not, I don't feel like there's too much harm coming from that. That's my opinion of course^^
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    I like that suggestion. Perhaps make it a calendar weekend event that people can hop into and have a bit of hack and slash fun. This would be a much better way to implement this rather than a permanent addition. 

    Also, in an attempt to completely separate this mode of play from your character. Perhaps you play as an enlisted soldier for your races army? Just a thought.
  • I don't think it is relevant. It doesn't seem to fit with what they want to do with AoC.
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    Yeah I'm gonna vote no for this one. If it serves no relevance for the world then I don't think it should be put in. Especially since the map for it has to be so big. How would they explain that in game? It wouldn't make any sense in my opinion.
  • voting yes, why not have in a different battleground mode, if you don't want to play it, then don't but might as well put it in, seems already developed so might as well add it.

  • I think no. Doesn't fit, but...
    We'll have to see if it ends up being so popular that the devs keep it.
  • I hope not, don't wanna lure kids and idiots who are not gonna raid or contribute, just pvp.
  • The thing with BR is that everyone is the same character/class for balance purposes.  Once I have invested time in my own character, I doubt I'd want to leave her for a rando guy.  I hope they focus on meaningful pvp that I can do with my actual character.  

    That said, BR was fun and especially seeing the different item effects :) 
  • BR is fun but there are plenty of other options out there already to do that.  Please keep AoC an MMO once we're out of these testing phases.
  • I vote yes. There are a lot of people adopting a "one or the other" mentality, and I feel that's defeatist thinking. If there is a demand for it, and the devs can pull it off, why not both? 

    Gawd, having more options for things to play sucks eh?
  • Krojak said:
    Gawd, having more options for things to play sucks eh?
    It does if it detracts from the whole game.
  • Instead, they should make a separate BR game with the Ashes franchise.
    See how popular that is.
  • I wouldn't want to see the community divided with a separate BR game. If it can seamlessly make sense within the world itself, I'm good with it; if it's jarring, and makes no sense, drop it.
    Personally I'm not sure if it is needed with Open World PvP and Sieges taking place seemingly daily... Well not daily for sieges, but they will come around often enough... You get what I mean..
  • If it will be optional to play it, why not. Some people enjoy BattleRoyale and I would play it from time to time too...
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