A question of theft

So me and my band of criminals come across some Crafters .They have nice things that we want so we attack, they don't fight back and we don't kill anybody

Can we then rob them with no more than a bad reputation or will there be something to stop us from looting?

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    A little confused by the question so i'll try to lay this out. If you are asking if you can just go up to someone and rob them then that is not in the game, you have to kill them to get anything.

    When you die, you drop a portion of your the raw resources you are carrying (not completed items). So for you to get anything, the people you are attacking need to have resources on them and you need to kill them. If you kill them and they don't fight back you get corruption else you don't get punished but they will drop less. There is no penalty for looting their corpse, the penalty gets dished on on the kill.

    Does this help?  
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    So far, Craftings Materials are the only thing that drops (for Purple Names & Green Names)
    However, Red Names drop Crafting Material + Gear
    • but the Gear drops depending on how much Corruption the Player has 
    • The higher the Corruption, the higher the chances of Gear drops if/when the Player dies
    • But at the same time, the Higher the Corruption, the Lower the General-Stats at each Corruption Level
    Think of Corruption like a Debuff that stacks .. except it can't be cleansed by a Player - only Death OR Multiple Religious Missions . 
    All still being tested, anything could change

    Stealing ...
    There's no stealing, but the closest thing to it is ... if the Node is destroyed and/or de-leveled
    So technically there is stealing, but a certain condition will have to be met in order to do so - not Unlimited like in Old Final Fantasy games

    Could change though
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