Pera Reds visible on map - extension on a concept

Fallout 76 has an interesting concept to deal with non-consensual pvp.

From my limited read, it appears if a player kills another player uncontested, then they will appear on the map as a marked player for others to locate have the opportunity to kill. I believe a general location only is given.

Whilst Ashes has its own system in place, somewhat similar to L2. Which in L2 works well to make pvp a considered action when you know the consequences. 

I thought that an extension of the Ashes system to include marking a high level player killer on the map like Fallout 76 but take it further.

Having played PvE, PvP and PvX games, sometimes there is good reason to kill another player and yes, when you are "red/marked* after killing another player uncontested it is a risk.

L2 had a sword, name escapes me, that would randomly drop in the world and give the player that is first to locate it high exp and strength for as long as held. The down side is you were marked on the map and every game player on the map would try to take you out for their own opportunity to get the xp.

Using that idea*

  1. If a player kills another player uncontested, then they go "red".
  2. They can burn off the red status by either quest, death or pve..(pve take time)
  3. If the pvp`er kills a certain number of additional players they go even "redder",
  4. (Fallout 76) After a certain number of kills they are marked on the map for all other players to see.
  5. (Fallout 76) At X number of uncontested kills their pve, pvp capacity is reduced making them an easy target 
  6. (idea) After X minutes (ie 60min) of survival against bounty seeking players, the PvP`ers pve,pvp capacity is restored
  7. (idea) After X minutes (ie additinal 60min) of survival against bounty seeking players, the PvP`ers pve,pvp and xp per kill is increased (200%) while still being marked red on the map
Just a musing

Others thoughts welcome!


  • 6 won't happen in that they don't want people able to afk away the penalty.
    7 won't happen because the system is meant to be "all stick and no carrot", gaining corruption will not have an advantage or reward to it.
  • In L2, holding the "Demonic sword zariche" made you "red" and marked on the map and while holding it you got X % higher xp and was such a rush to hold it, while only the strong players on the server would flock to try and get it off you! 

    Both a reward and a curse at the time if you held it, working against time!
    And so much fun hunting it down, if you saw it on the map!

    Was hoping to replicate that experience.
  • Rather than applying Ideas 6 and 7 to when a player has corruption there by rewarding ganking. It would be much better to apply the concept to the legendary items.
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