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Here and Back Again

Hi everyone!

I've been watching Ashes of Creation for awhile now and I am hoping it will be a great MMO bringing back some of the meaningful challenges that have been missing from the current gen MMOs.

A bit about me: I am currently retired from MMOs.  I spent most of my past time playing EQ1 and started well after release on a PvP server (talk about imbalance, griefing, lag, etc but I didn't know any better at the time...still had a blast) then moved on to EQ2 at release.  I've tried several others including WoW but just couldn't find the same enjoyment of the early days.

Life for me has been busy these past many years with education and training so I had to take a break from any 'hardcore' dedication to any MMOs.  Life has finally settled down a little for me and I'm looking forward to being able to spend time enjoying AoC when it releases.  

Mostly I've played tanks and enjoy running groups in PVE dungeons or PVPing.  I do enjoy both PvE and PvP.  I've done some raid tanking but prefer to avoid the drama that can come with that.  I've also enjoyed playing bards, healers and druids but seem to be best at tanking so that is likely what my main will be in AoC.

I would love to find a more family friendly guild as I may get my older kids to play eventually as well if AoC lives up to its potential.  Send me any recommendations if anyone knows of one being formed pre-release.

I will admit, my hype is pretty high for this game.  I've often thought about ideas for what a next gen MMO should be and many are similar to what developers have been presenting regarding the node and caravan system.  Would love to see eventual oceanic shipping routes and, even better, airships a la Final Fantasy III style in some later expansion.

So here I am...very glad to be a contributor to the game early and part of the community.


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