Clarify Corruption loophole


  • Could you clarify a corruption loophole that is discussed endlessly in the pvp threads. Once you flag on someone, will it be possible to use PVE mobs to "finish" them to avoid corruption, or will a high level character that flags on someone be able to avoid corruption by having a lower level character grouped or ungrouped with them do the same by having their "corruption alt" administer the deathblow? Is there a timer once you "force flag" where if that person dies you still take the corruption hit.
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    @leaky76 thanks, I didn't realize you had become a developer and could answer my question directly. While I love @Krojak his very nice video does not answer or clarify my question. I have been involved with these discussions in an active way for quite a long time now, and while I appreciate your help, a direct quote from the Sandal God tends to shut down people who are just making stuff up in threads more effectively than "that leaky76 guy gave me a link to this other guys video." So if you would like to answer my question, link me a video where Steven outlines that particular scenario I have asked, or a Discord quote will do.
  •  Just seen the video. Not develop :-P 
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