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Will stats affect crafting?

I want to become a crafter in AOC, but I got a bit worried yesterday that my choice of race/class will affect my crafting. I know that different classes have different stats than others, so a dwarf might be better if Power is required or an elf better if Dexterity is required. Is there any info on that yet?


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    I think that should not effect you crafting skill, only thing that could is each race have different eqiequipm so it would take you time to learn all basic of equpequip
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    It's been stated by IS that our adventuring class levels will be separate from our artisan (crafting) levels, so I think it's safe to say that race/class will not impact it very much. There's a chance some of the racial passives will have something to do with crafting, but they'd likely be along the lines of: "your race's hardy nature and expertise in mining grants a chance for double materials on extraction." But that's just spitballing so don't take my word for it.
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    I highly doubt crafting will have much to do with race and class aside from maybe the 'style' in which you craft.
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    I highly doubt crafting will have much to do with race and class aside from maybe the 'style' in which you craft.
    I mean a axe is a axe no matter who makes it
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    edited September 2018
    'If' you are going to make a global recipe system for tailor made goods, then stats will have to impact crafting to enable you to 'tune' the stuff you make.
    Should that harmonic fingerprinting matter for low level gear, not much if at all.
    But IMO it should have more and more impact in higher quality products.

    A specialist build, should require tailored equipment, which should require compatible specialist gatherers, refiners and crafters.
    The higher the quality, the more specialist the actors and parts should be.
    This ensure uniqueness and rarity is a thing and choices matter....but in a progressive way.
    It also ensures you may need to go the the ends of Vera to get your legendary gear from a master craftsman...if you can find one compatible.
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