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Details on the PVP system?

I have been following this game for a while now and am incredibly excited for alot of the mechanics they are introducing. The open world pvp system seems quite interesting but based on the information I have found, there seems to be a few glaring details that need to be flushed to make it enjoyable, specifically in the caravan system. I was just wondering if anyone has heard any information about how the plan to fix these. I put some info from the wiki below as a reference.

  • non-combatant (green player) who dies suffers normal penalties, which include:[64]
  • combatant (purple player) who dies suffers these same penalties, but at half the rate of a non-combatant.[64]
  • corrupt (red player) suffers penalties at three or four times the rate of a non-combatant, and has a chance to drop any carried/equipped items based on their current corruption score. This includes:[64]
    • Dropping weapons and gear.[66]
    • These dropped items may be looted by other players.[74]
    • Corrupt players respawn at random locations in the vicinity of their death, not at regular spawn points
  1. Will there be level ranges placed on who can guard and attack a caravan? This won't be as important at the early stages of launch but as more players get to max levels, it will crowd out new players from participating in the caravan system entirely. It will also be important to make sure that players above the level requirements get corruption stacks if they interfere and attack lower level caravans. Otherwise, since all participants in a caravan are considered combatants, there is literally no penalty for a high level player to simply walk in and mow everyone down for the hell of it. I know that most of us on this site are hardcore mmo players but it is incredibly important for the longevity of the game that new players are able to participate in key components like the caravan system at early levels.
  2. It mentions that a non-combatant becomes a combatant if they attack back. What constitutes attacking back? I feel like it would be fairly easy to accidently swing your weapon at an attacking player if they jump out at you while your attacking mobs or somethings. This could be easily fixed by just requiring the defending player to damage the attacker to a certain degree before they become a combatant.
  3. Currently the corruption system actually makes it beneficial for the defending player to become a combatant in order to keep more of their stuff. How do they intend to counter this? This is probably the biggest issue i have with the system right now. I don't know about you guys, but in the event that i know im going to die to player i would much rather keep more of my items and xp then let the guy get corrupted just for  spite. So of course im going to attack him and make sure im combatant. The current system states that i will keep DOUBLE my xp and items if i simply let the guy get away with it which defeats the whole purpose of the system. Honestly im not sure how this one could be fixed.
So has intrepid mentioned how they plan to deal with issues like this? I know its early alpha still but i feel like if problems like this are left unanswered they could really harm the game.


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    1. No, anyone can decided to participate in caravan attacks or defense.

    2. You have to "force flag" on someone to either initiate combat or to attack back. People cannot run into your aoe to try and get you to flag on them. Conversely when attacked you will need to target them with a single target attack to flag on them. That is what they have decided to term "force flagging". Once you do attack back, you both will be purple.

    3. Working as intended. They want people to engage in pvp to defend themselves, while dying while green does have worse percentages of gathered materials that can be dropped, the corruption hit someone who kills you is going to take is said to be greater. And of course the penalty will exponentially increase due to level disparity. We don't have final percentages yet, but think of it this way. Die purple, lose 20%, die green lose 40%, die red 100%, and at higher corruption values, die red, drop random gear.
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    No need to double post.
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    ya that was an accident. if a mod could remove this second one, thatd be great
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