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Caravan + PVP = Legacy (Recruiting) ¡Se acepta candidatos en español!

Bilingual English-Spanish guild. 

Para información en español, usa Google Translate >_<

Goal: We are looking to recruit 20 to 40 tactical top players. 

A lot of Guilds are looking for 300 players. Why would you join those? There you will be just 1 more guy in a Dictatorship tribe of 300 people.

YOU WILL BE JUST ANOTHER WILDEBEEST crossing a river full of Crocodiles! Those kind of Guild will let you down if you don't keep up. They are not tactical. I cannot even imagine a Caravan with 100 players. If you think that will give more protection. It won't. In fact, it will be a disaster to defend such a group. 

Solution: Join the Crocodiles >_<

What do we offer? 
1.- You voice will count. Our decisions are taken with input. Everyone has a place even though every one won't have the same power within the Guild. We will have probably 4 to 8 Squad leaders. 
P.S: The 7 current players are all from 1 squad.
2.- You will be a member of a squad who play on your time schedule. Yes, most of our members are located on the Eastern Cost, USA = EST. However, the idea of a guild is to be active and  cooperate in different time schedules. Reason why, we are super well organized and create 4 to 8 squad of 5 people each with those 20 to 40 players we are looking (we already have 7 - 9/27/2018). 
P.S: Of course, we will join squads while doing Caravans, etc as well as support each other. 

This game will be an hybrid between previous MMO like Lineage2 Classis, etc and Silkroad. The caravan system (similar to Silk Road) is not for a 300 players guild. The last or weakest will be taken down by us :smile:
3.- Focus: Tactical PvP, Leveling squad, Trading (Caravans)
4.- Timezone: Any. We are mainly located at USA EST. However, we won't reject any application based on your time zone or country.  
Size: 20 to 40 players
5.- Age: +21 or mature players. We will avoid having people bulling or trolling around our own guild. 
6.- Language: Bilingual English - Spanish. Current members are all from Florida so we speak both languages. Whether you are from Canada, USA, etc or from Central/South America. You may qualify. 

What do you need to join us?
Send me a PM with:
I.- In-game name:
II.- Email (so we can send you the Guild page, etc and keep in contact with you).
III.- Time Schedule (Yes. Let us know where you are located and your time schedule).
IV.- Language: Which languages are you able to speak. English, Spanish or both.



  • So glad to see spanish speaking guilds starting to form, good luck guys Hope to see you in game =D
  • Santy182 said:
    So glad to see spanish speaking guilds starting to form, good luck guys Hope to see you in game =D
    Thanks buddy!
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