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Greetings and questions from the Philippines!


So I've come to see this game through a Reddit thread asking about games similar to Overlord, and this one popped up!

Upon further inspection, I've heard so much positive reviews, skeptical outlooks and debate (though mostly overwhelmingly positive news).

The concept is lovely! A sandbox MMO with its players put first and it isn't aimed to be a p2w model; so I'd like to ask about the freedom here in decorating the houses, I've read and seen that we can design interiors as we please, but how about exteriors? Haven't heard of news from that yet apart from blueprints/mastering your profession.

How about castles/dungeons? Are we able to make those (naturally along with the exteriors, and to what extent)? I'm unusually meticulous with the detailing of furniture, architecture, base layout and the like, to the point that I'd spend more hours researching on color patterns that would work and layouts that would be appropriate by theme and dimensions :sweat_smile:

I'm also pretty curious with how trading and territory works, would that mean that it's entirely possible to build a territory near-shore/in an island and control the trade routes to a country via that way? Does it even span that large to begin with? I'm not sure how open this world is, I'd appreciate links to their future plans :smiley:

Thanks for reading! Greetings from the Philippines! :smiley:


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