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Why is #9 the only one with a significantly different model?


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  • This looks like an iterative concept. Reminds me of the tiers of crafting in ESO. Each tier has a predefined color scheme, and this seems to be showing something similar. 
    OG is obviously the base or original armor, and the rest are material variations. Could be based on level, materials used, dyes, different motifs or styles known by the crafter etc. 
    It could also be regional, racial, or intended purpose. Lots of different ways to interpret a chart like that. As for armor number 9, I've got nothing. It is clearly a heavier variant on the OG, with the added stomach protection, but I cant suss out what variance would allow for only a single heavier iteration, but no lighter iterations. 
    In the end, it could just be a spitballing chart where the artist drew a ton of different variations, and got bored at no.9 and made it different.
  • Why shoes tho?
    Where are the impressive boots?
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