Any news on the UI and possible customization options for it?

I did a search on the forums and saw that this topic was brought up last in 2017. So i'm wondering if there is some newer intel upon the customization options for the UI (position, colors, de(activate) single boxes etc.)??
I really liked the custom UIs in DAoC (Bob's UI, Derida's, Healer`s Helper) and the freedom they gave me as a player to maximize my fun and effectiveness in RvR/PvP. I understood from the threads from last year, that there will be no 3rd party option for the UI, but will it be customizable in at least some way out of the box?
Thx in advance for your input on that, you kind people ;)


  • They have said that the UI will be highly customizable and have all the bells and whistles, handicap options, and all that. Rather than cut and paste a bunch of stuff, here is a link to several different interviews, livestream, and others where they have said that they will make it all about player choice and options.
  • I know the devs have said in the past that they want to give everyone the opportunity to customization their UIs but I don't think we will see this intill alpha one phase one or maybe phase two.
  • Tyvm, Mr. USE! Forgot to check the Wiki before asking :#
    Sounds promising that they had the customization options in mind in the development stage.
    Sidenote: appreciate a lot how fast the community answers questions here in the forums. Seems to be a very pollite and friendly bunch here... B)

  • There are already keybind options and others in the menu during the stress test as a backbone towards the eventual systems that will allow for selecting and customizing options, but yes, the ability to size different elements, assign colors and chat colors, and a host of other things will be added over the next year as they get to them. (BTW, the options are there, they just don't work yet)
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