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Hello world. My story.

Hello everyone nice to meet you, here is a brief recap of what led me to discover Ashes of Creation and why I am so excited. TL;DR: Disillusioned with other mmo's, all aboard the Ashes unstoppable hype train.

A couple months ago I fell out of World of Warcraft and started looking at new MMORPGs as alternatives, wanting something new and different as the game had become stale and not fun for me to play.

This would lead me to first Black Desert Online with its beautiful graphics and satisfying action combat with in depth professions or life skills, I thought I had discovered a gold mine. It was only awhile later that I discovered the disappointment waiting for me at the end of the initial grind. More tedious grinding, afk professions and a horribly imbalanced pay to win end game pvp.

I went on to try ArcheAge next and am still currently leveling in that game but have become similarly disillusioned with the p2w endgame and probably wont play much beyond exploring the world on the high seas. (I love boats and exploring.)

Then by accident (youtube machine learning algorithms) I came across some content for Ashes of Creation and my jaw dropped as features of the game were described in detail. This game ticks nearly every box I can think of in terms of what I would want for my dream MMO. Beautiful graphics check, player driven economy ala EVE online check, diverse classes check, action combat check, high fantasy check, professions as a full time option check, BOATS check

I rarely get this excited for a game that is so early in development but seeing the team speak about the game and seeing the progress they are making gives me hope, I want so desperately for them to succeed that Ive already invested in a pack and hope to help test in the upcoming alphas and betas.

Thank you for taking the time, see you around.


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