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The woodcutter

Hi everyone! I know a title a little weird no?
I was looking for a word to fully describe myself (as a player).
Woodcutter it is!
I am a french player, 23, and when i was little i played at warcraft2 with my father (my first game).
I was very good, because I was patient.
Just for fighting a city, i was able to cut a whole forest just for attacking from behind the city and not to be attacked by the towers.
After warcraft2, I played at Dofus, then warcraft3, wow and discover what I truly liked, the mmo.
So I played at nostale, dragonica, tera, blade soul, wildstar, FF16 etc...

With always the same way to play, pve, patient, who harvest and who do not hesitate to farm in order to make my character as I would like. And more important I want to discover the game, the maps, the quests interesting, to discover fully what the developers propose to us.

And that's what brings me to you today, I discovered this game with some friends in game. And I went crazy (like my friends) about this game (so good! :p except some lag^^) . I like to stay on one character, and I started in DK stamina DPS, I realized that I was going to have a hard time making my lead character the way i wanted, and now here is I am DK tank. This allowed me to really understand my class and explore the most of it. My dream, create a DK with shielded sword and double blade ~é 40 life 40 stamina. With a equipment powerful enough to allow to be a tank and weapons powerful enough that he can really dps. I know what you think, doing things in half is never good. But I do not intend to do things in half, on the contrary to do both;)

Oups a little long and can be sometimes not enough understandable. In any case if you read me, I thank you for it, because I think you really understood me, how I was as a player.



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