Please add factions into the game. Maybe 2 opposing factions at war at all times and maybe a 3rd faction which is neutral that deals with trading between the 2 other factions. The reason why having faction conflict is a good thing, it gives players pride when on a certain side. Also as the player you will always have a stranger on your side as backup in the open world. Without factions, the game will just be like Black Desert Online, everyone thats not in your guild is treated hostile, which really kills the mmo factor.


  • Make your own faction and get others to fight with you. Call yourself Orcs, and the other side Humans. It is all up to you. The whole faction limiting of race, class, and ability to adventure in certain areas is removed in a factionless game. Does that mean that people won't form their own rivalries? No. Declaring guild wars will be costly, have a cooldown, and won't be something a guild does for shits and giggles.
  • Having no factions does not kill the mmo factor at all, in fact it makes it better because instead of being tied down by pre-made factions you can just make your own.
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    Yea, having pre-made factions and having the game tell me who my enemy is kills world pvp for me. I dislike the red equals dead mentality. I much prefer choosing my enemies through experience with players as i find it more meaningful. 
    Just because you can attack them doesn't mean you have to. If you choose to make everyone not in your guild your enemy then that's your prerogative.
  • If you want a faction based game, go join one of the other umpteen other faction based games.

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