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Mors Magister [NA] [Magic] [Freelance] [PVX] [R&D] [Item Creation] [Casual]

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I am currently looking to judge interest in a magic user’s guild that is not beholden to any one group. The basic idea is to establish a place where all magic users can safely and without interference conduct their work and ply their trade. The guild will be funded by item sells, and freelance work to the highest bidder.


Core Tenants

The following are the principles on which the guild operates on, and all members will be held to.

·        All who practice arcane arts are welcome.

·        No one shall impend another’s work.

·        You can harm anyone but a fellow member.

·        We don’t pick sides, we just do jobs for whoever is paying the most today.

·        You break it you buy it.

·        If you make it, it’s yours.

·        Gold is gold; it matters not from whom it comes.

·        A contract is a contract, don’t break it.

·        Never work for those that have wronged the guild.


Freelance & Benefactors

The main source of income for the guild is from freelance work. This can come in all shapes and sizes, from custom orders to extra firepower on the battlefield. A person or a group can contract with any member of the guild or the guild as a whole for whatever task they need our skills for.

·        Guild Contracts require a down payment before they will be accepted.

·        Failure to pay the reminder after services have been rendered results in you or your guild being black listed.

The guild will also take on a small number of benefactors at any one time; this effectively puts the guild on that group’s retainer. This means they get bumped to the top of the list for all requests. Only approved groups will be granted benefactor status, and should the group fail to meet their obligations they will immediately lose their status. To become a benefactor you will be require to supply the guild with a negotiated price, resource ect on a set time table.

·        Benefactors get priority on all requests, sells, and deals.

·        Benefactors that fail to meet their obligations will lose any active deals they have and be ineligible for benefactor status again.

·        Only a small number of groups/persons can have benefactor status at any one time.



Currently the guild is divided in to schools of specialty. This is of course subject to change as time goes on but currently there are 8 schools. Each school has a master that over sees all operations, and personal with in that school, as well as having a seat on the council.

The council will oversee the guild as a whole and work together and vote on policies and guild level contracts. All masters of a school are on the council by default. However Masters of a school are appointed by the current council when a seat opens up.


Current Schools:


Please post any questions, or seek me out on the guilds discord.

Discord: https://discord.gg/vtgdRzq


  • Interesting concept for a guild.  I would like to discuss with you in more detail once you get things off the ground.
  • SamielLancaster

    Doors all ways open to any one looking to get something. :D
  • This is a really neat idea. I would definitely be interested fo
     my mage character 
  • That is my hope that alts looking for something different and or just main mages wanting to not just find them selves a nameless face in the back row of a large group or stuck churning magic items in a large guild will take a liking to this idea.
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