Do / Does Hand Consoles work well in Alpha YES/NO

Due to NDA, I'm not sure anyone can respond with certain detail. However, I'm getting a new computer and accessories built just to play AOC.  One accessory is the purchase of a handheld controller.  It says it's wireless and windows compatible.  A FAQ says that one cannot re-map buttons unless the game has those options.  Can I use a handheld console for AOC in game?

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    I'm not sure if it's been brought up but if controllers are in the game then I can't see why you couldn't remap the buttons
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    I have been using a controller every test. The ability to remap the keyboard and controller is already in the test. The function hasn't been turned on yet, but when you go into options you can clear see it, you can change keybindings at the moment, but it doesn't do anything. Steven has answered the controller question with increasing certainty every time. It is coming.


  • Pretty sure we are only under a visual NDA for the time being. That being said I haven't tried using a controller but I imagine with the game being built in UE4 it'll have full support. 
  • Yep, the current NDA is visual only. You can talk about anything you like from A1 testing, just can't stream, post screenshots, or clips from your play. A0 and the experiences there are still under embargo. I had a full basic setup with controller during the A1 so far. The only thing the keyboard was needed for atm was swapping weapons, repairing armor, picking up stuff, and activating special abilities on weapons. But basic attacks, lunge, sprint, jump, movement was all there. Like posted above, once the keybinding options become active and we are able to bind those keys it should be fully playable without keyboard at all, at least for the BR portion of testing. Depending on how many active skills we end up with on a hotbar, maybe even able to bind almost everything anyways.
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