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Can you level as a crafter?

I'll do the combat when needed and what not, but I feel like the main thing I want to focus on is crafting and making money. I want to spend most of my time in the desert node, which I feel like would be a great place for mining. I really like the fantasy of going out mining, processing, and weapons for all the poor souls stuck in the desert. 

Also, if there are any guilds out there that need a dedicated crafting and general gold goblin, give me a shout!


  • There will be several different ways of "leveling" in Ashes. The crafting side is going to separate from the combat side. There is an artisan tree that will be filled with skill points that don't impact the combat side. Will you be able to avoid combat entirely? No. Different gatherable spawns have mobs that masquerade as them and will give jump scares at various points to people gathering and cause them to at least have enough capability to defend themselves. Certain resources will only come from mobs at high level. So while you could be "fed" those resources by a guild who wanted you to build them something, most likely you will need to be either really rich to buy them, or participate yourself in those activities.
  • I'd say that you'll definitely have the opportunity to strongly focus on crafting and gathering, but as UnknownSystemError said, some combat ability will be required. Despite this, it is likely that there will not be as much as normally needed in other games to gather high quality mats because of the way zones are set up.

    And I'm sure that there will be deserts somewhere on the map, as well as many guilds looking for a dedicated crafter such as yourself. With the trading/caravan system established as it is, the economy is going to be somewhat unique among MMOs, so be forewarned. :wink:
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