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Gliders or glide mechanic (archeage like)

Are we going to have gliders or something that does the same job. Thats one of the things i loved about archeage the freedom of exploration with those , aswell as bug climbing different unclimable obstacles :wink: ?
I've seemed to have consumed alot of info about AoC but didnt see anything about this.


  • yes, we will have gliding mounts. Almost every mount with wings will glide. there is some exceptions that will be able to actually fly, but those will be so rare you should just assume that if it has wings it most likely glides.

  • Hell Yeah!
  • If it's not a dragon it will be able to hover above the ground, it's assumed that you can glide from higher altitudes down but we will see to what extend really.

    Dragons are the only announced creatures that will have true flight but they will be extremely limited.
    Only Castle owners (the one on the top, not the whole guild) as well as majors of a metropolis will have it available for as long as they remain in power.
    There are egg drops too that give you a timed dragon mount, but again extremely rare and it will last only a certain amount of time (max 1month I would assume like the "for sure" period of the other dragons)
  • Timed egg mounts were stated by Steven to be on a variable 2-4 week lifespan and have the same restrictions as Royal Mounts. Meaning they will have a time limit during use, and they must be launched from a Metro or Castles Royal Stable. Feelsbadman for the first person to hatch an egg and then realizes since they aren't part of a guild controlling a castle or citizen of a metro that they can't ride their dragon and they have to watch it wither and die as the timer clicks down.

    As to the gliding here is your confirmation.

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