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(Le sigh, this somehow ended up in European Guilds! Alas!)

Have you seen Sense8? Do you like the incredible diversity in all its forms of the primary characters? Are you hoping for a diverse, welcoming, and comfortable group to game with? Do you enjoy the idea of a global community (which is ultimately what we hope to create).

If so, then look no further!

Personally, I totally get that life takes over at times and it really isn't easy to make IRL obligations obey time online. As the creator of the guild, I am not expecting people to put in hours of play daily - and fully expect that some people might only have a handful of hours in an entire week with which to escape to play. I am a full time teacher, as one of several of my vocations.

GEGC is about having a community to access online in AoC. Some of us will be heavily into crafting and economy. Some will love PVP, some PVE, some a mixture of each.

So, if you're looking for a community and a welcoming environment, feel free to say hi.

And - yes - the usual codes of conduct strictly apply due to the very diverse community I have the distinct pleasure of participating with.

(No website atm, this is awaiting funding and personal time to program it and set it all up, yay life!)
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