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What do you think of Conan (the survival version)'s climbing system?

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What's your take on it? I think its interesting. I'm a fan of making exploration as expansive, as possible.

I loved going to the far edges of World of Warcraft, and finding the unfinished world was a treat when you could find your way into it. (I'm talking like as far back as vanilla)

Even when you're restricted to just going to places people want you to see, its still a really cool thing to explore a world. Finding easter eggs was a treat, but when a world is hand crafted I find it really engaging to explore in it.

What I like most about being able to go up vertical surfaces is that there is no wasted space. If something looks cool, it is cool. Its an opportunity to make the whole world tangible.


  • They are figuring out climbing still (if and how they may implement it) but I think the way you catch yourself falling down in Conan exiles is nice and would be something I would personally like to see added to AoC. I enjoy climbing things as much as the next guy, but to jump off a high surface just to catch yourself and screech to a slow before hitting the ground gives me a satisfying feeling. I thought that was really fun in Conan exiles haha.
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