Ashes of Creation - October News, Rumors, Concerns, Complaints

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  • Nice job!
  • Nice video. There isn't much more frustrating than people that are impatient to the point that they are unrealistic. This is a pretty complex project that is so complicated it is more difficult by many magnitudes more than most can conceive of.

    We pound on Developers for set "ready" dates to the point that they are pressured enough to throw dates out. Then We blame "go apeshite" on  them when those dates are underestimated. Not like it doesn't happen way more frequently than actually "making set dates" in this industry.

    Chill and go with the flow people. Let them make a great game at "best speed" that they can and remember: It's not any exact calculation. Trust them to do things as fast as they can while complications arise.

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    good video!  As a  software engineer (not gaming)  I have observed a consistent misunderstanding  of the testing phases of development and what to expect out of each.  Given, well technically, there is no exact definition, per se (no ISO standards to reference), and each subesquent game developed and their respective testing phases re-defines both Alpha & Beta, AND the damage done to understanding of such phases from the P2W Korean localizations that used testing of rather completly tested souce code bases, but localized, as more of a marketing gimmick than ACTUAL testing... has utterly made a mess of understanding what testing a game is REALLY like, and butchering understanding of AoC testing phases into oblivion (my opinion, I stress heavily).

    From said basis of thorough confusion, added with delays (as, predictably, expected with a game in development IMHO), let us think or to say piece together an approach that clarifies to the average gamer/ AoC tester where ashes is at, what type of things are expected, and what things have occured that reemphasize the AoC test and development (T & D).

    Now with all that said,  the graphic you use to break down the Alpha 1 testing, provided by Intrepid Studio's is informing, but not enough for many viewers. Viewers may may only know the word "Alpha" precedes the word "Beta", and have no idea what these are, so the graphic builds on a knowledgebase of "empty".   Clarificaion for AoC testing by doing the following will help a lot:

    1.  State what is expected of an Pre Alpha.  For example, frequent client crashes, frequent full downloads and re installs, connection woes, short timeframes servers are available,  frequent non working pieces of gameplay non existent, or place holders not even in place,  typically only available to dev's, friends and family.

    2.  State what is expected of an Alpha then an early Alpha and why it differs from a pre alpha.  For ex: more people invited to test, and what parts still are expected to be in high delopment

    3.  From here, we can apply this directly to the AoC testing phase chart to talk apples to apples.  For example A0 resembling more of the traditional pre alpha, the A1 stress test, again, more of a pre alpha prior to release of A1, where the A1 testers come in, and stating once again what they will like experience (BR, limited server avalability, known bugs that are releaseable).

    4. From here, we can build on what the next phase of testing will be, how that phase compares in the tradtional order of testing phases & what likely will be fixed by the time it comes out.

    5. Finally, we can state how close the longer term goal of testing AoC is at (achieving a persistent MMORPG AoC aka tradtional alpha)

    this level of explanation also allows for reasons for delays while keeping ALL clear on where we at, where it fits in AoC development, and where AoC compares to other past MMO's - for past and future!

  •  There are those who read but don't comprehend and there are those who hear but refuse to really listen.   

    Thank you.  This is a very needed video.  Perhaps some people will actually listen to it. 
  • Mindeye you are spot on,

    Intrepid has time and time again laid out the expectations of each testing phase...

    ....and people still misunderstand

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    What is a Pre-Alpha?

    what is an ALPHA?

    What is a Beta?

    It is clear,  all need to understand these phases !  Maybe Jeff or Steven can answer these in a future live stream!
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