Rising Phoenix all are welcome

I will have access to Alpha 1, 2 and Betas 1 and 2 which will give me a good understanding of the game. By the time full release comes out we should be ready to rock and roll.

I am not going to be picky about who joins my guild, anyone looking for a great experience and wants to learn to play with a friendly bunch. I will personally be focusing on exploration mostly while I determine which node i want my guild to be a part of. As you gain seniority and experience you will gain rank. We will eventually put it to a vote so that its on where the guild is based out of.

I don't have much experience as a guild leader in any other MMO's, but I do have plenty of experience in higher ranks in a few guilds. I am a Washington state player and am going to enjoy playing with people form all over. 

MMO's I have played are World Of Warcraft, Star Wars The Old Republic and Destiny 1 and 2

Other games such as... "Game of War" and "War and Order," yes those two are phone games, but it did help build my experience in battle tactics and negotiations.

I may not be the best guild leader, but I hope to be one that turns us into a family as we progress through the new world.

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