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Jhonamono's Shop

For a very long time I have traveled through countless lands, dressed in different ways belonging to infinite cultures. I've always been excited to explore the vast landscapes and the different proofs fantasy games have to offer.

My journey has made me very observant and my premise is based on moving forward to see more and more. Ashe of Creation proposes a new beginning for my journey.

I have long been dedicated to supporting others in their journeys, to supporting them in a creative and unique way.

My first great journey in creation begins with building a flag for a group of explorers who wanted to delve into the unknown depths of a mysterious sea. These men, full of courage and bravery, wanted a badge that would best accommodate all their desire and effort, and for that I created a flag with which they departed from port high and high.

Recently, I found a charming elf, with a great imagination and an excellent view, who wanted to capture an idea of a logo to represent the unity of her guild, which participates in AoC. It was very interesting to abstract an idea, from an elfic crown and place it in a unique and totally personalized logo for this beautiful group. Currently I am part of this guild and another great adventure will begin soon.

Each logo has its level of challenge, but it's always fun to understand what the other person is thinking, and to be able to bring that to an excellently plazed idea. For the next logo it was a challenge to sharpen the result with my client's, but I finally managed to do exactly what he saw, in the best possible way!

Also, I've been working on more personal issues, such as creating a logo for gamers, something that somehow represents who they are without the need to say it directly. The development and creation of one's own character is essential to immerse oneself more in rol games, as this provides a fuller and broader experience for each of the players involved!

Today, I want to show you the importance of an image for your guild, I want to show you the importance of translating into image the desire of a group of people fighting for something. Today I want to offer you my services to help you capture and make visible your logos, illustrations and banners. I can create together with you the logo for your guild, so that this adventure has a symbol that is not easily forgotten!

I'm on Discord as Jhonamono#8540. You can contact me and I will gladly offer you my logo creation services!


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