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In Game Collectible Card Game

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edited October 2018 in Ashes of Creation Design
Add card game please. Here, I made a crappy concept for the "game" part of "collectible card game" during class for you to not even consider:

I also have ideas for the "Collectible" part of "Collectible Card Game" but I"m still hating my ideas too much to add that.


  • Oh man. All I can think about now is FF8's card game and going around and challenging everyone. "What the worlds about to end?! Ok, but challenge me to this card game first!"
  • It actually started out as a Triple Triad clone but I figured that wouldn't go over well so I scrapped that idea.  o:)

    By far my favorite TCG in an RPG though.
  • With having 2 unannounced projects, I imagine one is a CCG.
  • I can only hope so. In-game TCGs have always been my favorite additions in RPGs.
  • I like the idea especially if it could be integrated into a mini-game (kind of like gwent in the witcher 3).
  • That's the idea. Go into a tavern and talk to an NPC to add yourself to a matchmaking queue or just send another player a direct game request. 

    I had a huge convoluted concept of how you would acquire cards ingame but that's all dependent on Lore we haven't been given yet so I'll hold off on that for now. 
  • There should be an earnable achievement in game that would put your character on a card that would go into your deck.

  • Get it form completing a card related quest. The stats and name are the same for everyone, but it the "picture" is the avatar of whoever plays it.
  • One of the first steps in WOW's decline was adding pet battles. I remember a guildy pointing out that this was WOW's making a giant mistake...he was games take away from the GAME. Card games, pet battles, etc....are all fine and good but not in an RPG. 

    The reason for this is simple. Once it is in it will have to be updated, expanded on, etc....This is a waste of Dev time and resources. I would love to know how much time WOW has spent on pet battles when real RPG elements could of been implemented in its much bigger maps for xpacs could of been but instead new pets had to be stuck in.

    A stand alone card game is great but keep the mini games out of AoC offense to the OP here. If a MMORPG needs mini games then obviously there is something wrong with the MMORPG.

  • Not sure what it will entail but the very first stretch goals was parlor games no? Not sure if it will include some collectable element outside of taverns but definitely some games to play while in them.

    I personally hope there is a drinking tavern game so intoxication will be common amongst tavern patrons.
  • As much as i like card games (played Magic the Gathering for many years) i dont really want mini games in a MMO tbh. I feel like it takes away from the world i.e you just queue up from a random place and gets teleported into a match.

    Im still intrigued about the tavern game thou! :smile:
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