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3 month wait time and 3 tickets later, NO RESPONSE.

This is the most insane thing I have ever had to deal with. Can someone please help me. I put a ticket in  early August for a refund, waited till the end of September and put another ticket. And now today for my third.

i also posted a thread over a month ago with the same issue. Is this studio really setting an example of how to handle customer support? Will my thread get locked and say oh well wait for a response???

you have 500$ of my money when a family member made an accidental purchase. THE DAY IT HAPPENED I put a ticket in for a refund and nothing.

Can I please get some help????


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    So does this normally take over a month to get a response to a ticket submitted on the website??

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    Usually it takes under a week. However there has been exceptional support load at present so it may take some time for the backlog to clear.
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    edited August 2018
    Not sure Crabby654,

    It took them over a month to give me my Alpha Zero (A0) Key. Never got inside the game to test nor any response to my questions about what was next. Paid, Braver of Worlds, and have yet to hear back from a direct message from Steven 'Flipflop'(7/22/2018). Also he and Jeffery (7/01/2018) don't respond to Direct Messaging on Discord, I've been waiting since beginning of July. I stopped going on Discord after getting chastised by Alluring for me asking a question about the next A0. Also, still waiting over a week for support to respond to my inquiries. It took them a month to get me my NDA and another week to process it, even after me signing it and returning it within 30minutes. I understand Intrepid has a lot to do, but they (intrepid) also know these things are going to be coming in and should've had the proper personal to cover the load of inquiries. This was my last chance to be able to be part of a mmorp as an A0 and life membership to same game( I'm old like Bacon if not older). As you can see by the title by my name I didn't get the Alpha Participant and still waiting to hear something from any Intrepid Employee. Good luck Crabby654. I bet it will be in five minutes after posting this and will be "Tar and Feathered" by the cliques swarming as they think I'm attacking the game, instead of wondering why this person was not given what was owed, promised and paid for.
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    I have locked this thread and escalated both concerns to Intrepid. Please allow them to respond as appropriate.

    Many thanks for your patience,
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