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3D Mechanics and Armor Cosmetics

Ever quester here. I love the lava quest for armor appearance in Lavastorm.  To that end, I suggest armor creation cosmetics (with an add on enhancement stat) based upon:

Four quest lines:  Fire, Water, Earth, Air;
Four climate lines:  Desert, Tropics, Temperate, Glacial;
Four tangential lines:  Disease, Poison, Magic, (soul) Manna.

So what does that look like for a Nikua preference as example?  Water, tropics, disease.  A kelp suit of sickness. You hit the armor there is a chance of feedback where enemies may vomit to interrupt the individual or group in a radius in the water?  Suggestion. 

But, the crafting line and look are so exquisite, it makes the player seek the crafting line and explore the area.  I have to say, addictive armor cosmetics above the offered. Just had to go there, craft, and put it on.  Awesome.  Skaff.


  • Awwww yessss I actually understood your post this time :>>>>>>
  • I kind of like that idea, if done correctly it would give the Verra a lived-in feeling that would appeal to lore fans, and it would also give costume collectors something to look forward to as well. Who knows you may even find items of clothing from before the fall to show off  (please be a death mask) ^^ 
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