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Devs, How About Some Show and Tell?

Intrepid team, you guys are awesome! I do have a request, though...There has been quite a bit of speculation lately about the time table for the Alphas. I am wondering if Intrepid currently has people working on the numerous parts of the game that many of us are excited about. Are they being worked on now, are you waiting for the additional 100 staff, or waiting till Alpha 2? My concern is that it will all be rushed as the year progresses. Mount Capturing, Animal Husbandry, Crops, Caravan Crafting, Ship Building, Freehold House Expansions, Freehold Tier Level Progression, Taverns, Parlor Games, Battle Maps, Battle Pets, Stock Market, not to mention all the Crafting Options, etc. If you do have some of this being worked on now, any chance you can show us some of it in a Youtube Video or on your next Livestream? What does a Freehold house that's been fully expanded look like? What do some of the package cosmetics look like in game? What has Malaysia been working on? Please give us a Show and Tell soon! And thanks for all your hard work during these Alpha Stress Tests!


  • Not sure where the "speculation" for the Alphas have been.   They have a pretty solid timetable laid out for the future.  

    October 2018 - Battle Royale Mode Begins
    + 1 month later - BR mode Opens to all registered accounts

    End of December 2018 - Castle Siege Testing Mode Begins
    End of March 2019 - Horde Mode Testing Begins

    Q2 - 2019 Alpha 1 Phase 2 Begins

    Alpha 2 - TBD
    Beta 1 - TBD
    Beta 2 - TBD

    Launch - "Before 2020"

  • I have to agree with Jahlon here. Intrepid has been open with us from the start. they have shared most things with us and are always on hand to answer questions which are more than I can say about over devs, but I do get your point. The stream of information has slowed down in recent reason months due to the alpha testing, but to me, that's a good thing as it means they have their hands full working on the game. 

    The same happened around the alpha 0 tests as well, and at the end of that phase we got so much more information so for me the longer we wait, the more they will have to show us. 
  • Hi @Jahlon Thanks for the comment. Yea, not so much the time table that's laid out, but what's occurring in the Alpha's. Like you said a few days ago, "Lots of people have lots of questions about what is going on with Ashes of Creation right now. So, since we don't have a wealth of new information to share, I decided to put together quick video addressing some October News and then some rumors that are going around. This also covers some of the complaints and concerns that people have had lately." in your youtube video, Ashes of Creation - October News, Rumors, Concerns, Complaints. Those speculations and concerns from your viewers and followers of the other content creators. (Love what you did in that video by the way!) It's amazing what they have accomplished so far! I was just thinking that showing that the team is working on other parts of the game and that they're not waiting till there is only 6 months left would be encouraging to the fans.
  • So what you really want is a sneaky-peak behind the curtain.

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