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weather question

So i'm curious with the dynamic weather patterns they are talking about implementing aka long summers and short winters, will bodies of water inland dry up with lack of water?  I understand lakes and rivers can be ground fed depending on the water table of the ground or spring water/snow melt from the  mountains, i just think it'd be interesting if lakes that were there before dried up and drastically changed the landscape in extended periods of drought  And while we are on the topic of extreme change, will droughts cause wild fires due to increasingly drying vegetation?  Sorry if this has been asked i could go on with questions of weather impacting the environment and after reading how immersive he wanted to make the environment through extreme weather cycles i just thought i'd ask if this has been discussed or not. 


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    Not sure about bodies of water and draughts in particular but water can freeze over winter (you can walk on it) and different paths may be blocked off in some seasons like winter. Otherwise, some tunnels of the underrealm world may get flooded in spring or winter (depending on the weather above ground) causing some areas to be inaccessible/require swimming or something. The wiki has nice info on this.
  • Yeah, i read that already and was just wondering to the extent of how far they were planning to push the weather immersion on the environment.  i'm sure they wouldn't go as deep as i was talking but got to admit it would be awesome if lakes that were there just all the sudden dried up and changed the environment potentially unlocking gathering nodes that weren't there before
  • Honestly I wouldn't be surprised for smaller bodies of water. I think when it comes to larger bodies where under-water gameplay will be a bit more involved and ships are going to be a regular thing they may be less likely to mess with the water too much. 

    That being said, having to install some "ice-breaker" mechanic on a ship to avoid some speed penalty or downright go through otherwise impassible ice during winter would be pretty cool and I would not complain about such a mechanic haha.
  • Don't expect much information in regards to weather/seasons yet, we just dont know enough at this point in time :3
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