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Kickstarter Bonuses

Hi just wanted to start of by saying im beyond excited for this game, and look forward to killing all of you ;). I just have a question regarding how we receive our kickstarter benefits?


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    Kickstarter rewards have not been implemented yet and will be available closer to actual live launch. Things like testing access have been assigned depending on the level of your pledge in some cases already. Cosmetics, name reservation, and others will become available as the actual game account system goes live and those perks would have relevance.
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  • Welcome! @UnknownSystemError summed it up really nicely. Most rewards are relevant at launch.

    As for Alpha/beta access... If you're an A1 backer check your emails for invite to the testing... You should have received it a while ago. If you're A2 backer, check for one from today for this weekends tests. If you're Beta backer stay tuned there will be an email probably soon for some bonus A1 testing.
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    Ugh, double post.... Well, Hello again!
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  • Welcome to Ashes :>
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