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Hey! 嗨

I have been a fan since Kickstarter and I was seriously hooked on ashes, you know the kind of hooked when you can't go more then 2h between checking for updates! #addicted 

Life happened and I moved to china and I completely forgot the game for the longest time. 
Just the other day I got mail about alpha 😮
(The feeling you have when you realize there is a second season of the amazing series you just completed)
That was exactly how I felt when I got this mail!

I started catching up with content spent my intire weekend that week watching/reading ashes content.
All I can say I'm genuinely impressed with how they have progressed! 

Sadly I can't participate in the alpha testing untill I'm back home. So you guys have make sure you test them on my behalf as well!
I will do my best to keep myself updated here in china, can't wait to play with you all when I get back! 

Sorry for long post 😅  // Zoxia


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