I just wanted to take a moment to say that after testing the Battle Royal(e?) I'm really pleased with the progress you guys have made with Ashes. Its absolutely stunning. I'm no good at PvP but if my data helped in the least then I'm even happier about it. Gosh I had fun xD.  The game played beautifully, only stutter I saw was when watching teammates play once my characters life had ended, but that is expected and I loved every minute of it anyway. My husband and 16 year old daughter also played and enjoyed what you've produced so far too. Only issue I had was sometimes the buttons wouldnt work BUT I'm honestly thinkin thats just user error =D. I'm no pro and it takes me a good minute to really learn things. :) Thank you for allowing me and my family the opportunity to play a little test of things. Thank you, all of you @Intrepid for making this game possible. I'm really looking forward to the future of Ashes. You guys just continue to amaze me. Go Team Intrepid! =3


  • Sounds awesome. I can't wait to try in a few weeks! :smile:
    Mind if I ask what your CPU and Graphics Card are?
    I'm currently running an old i5 3570 and a GeForce 760. I'm a bit worried.
  • i7-3770k 12gb ram GTX 1050ti
  • You should be able to handle med to high with medium shadows there.  A 1050 would make a huge difference at a good price.
  • Ahh fantastic, thank you very much for that info! I'm not too-too far off from your system.. It is time for a new graphics card, that's for sure. 
    I'm sitting at 32GB memory.. I like to run some games off a ram-drive, so the added memory is nice for that.
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