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The oneeee..? maybe? :D

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I'm glad to be able to be finally part of this community. I've been itching to whether I should or not, now I am :D I am still wondering if I should purchase the 75$ or the 150$ package but I would like to be part of beta 1 but I am a poor girl lol. Decisions, decisions.

I've played many mmos and I havent been able to find that "one" yet. Hopefully Ashes of Creation will be it. It seems very promising and different than the rest. I do still play wow because my bf plays it and maplestory 2 to pass the time. I can't wait to invest my time on aoc. I've been also keeping up with the alphas from various youtubers like krojack and itsziz. The community seems to be positive about this game and so I have decided to joiiin the fray! 

Here's to much adventuring to you all :smiley:


  • If money is tight I suggest you wait until betas are closer before buying a pack. that way you will be able to check the RPG parts of the MMO during Alpha 2 And then, if you're still in love then buy a beta ticket.
    Still, I'm sure it will be good to have you around ;)
  • ohh i know but im so exciiitted :D the possibilities about this game and just being able to be a bard. I love the idea of having to support with words and hopefully with songs. 
  • Welcome! Glad to have so many newcomers into the forum these days.
  • Greetings from Oceania and welcome to Ashes of Creation!!!
  • Welcome welcome. Heads up, if you wait, the cosmetics that come with the packages will change roughly monthly. So if you don't like what is in the package right now maybe next month will be more your style. It should be changing here pretty soon.

    Anyway, glad to have you here!

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    Welcome to Ashes! :)
    Whether you get your beta package now or in a couple months, it's nice you joined us here. Have fun on the forum^^

    Oh, but a piece of advice, you should buy your package when cosmetics you like are included. Since the cosmetics change (kinda) monthly, it's probably best to wait for a month with beautiful extras, so you can enjoy your package even more :)

    Just realized that Ravnodaus already pointed this out^^ feel free to ignore the last part :D
  • Welcome to Ashes!!!
  • Welcome to Ashes
  • thanks for all the warm welcome you guys :D
  • welcome! @Paupauc This game is gonna be off the chain cant wait to see you out there

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