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My history of gaming started with DnD in the 1980's from there it has evolved into online gaming. I have played many different MMORPGs in my time and I would like for this game to not make the same mistakes others have made.

I will take WOW as my examples for I have played it the most. WOW is no longer an RPG to me. Crz, sharding, all the mini games added have added up to such a degree that it is devoid of RPG elements. Granted it is still an MMO but the soul of the game has been lost in favor of stupid gimmicks; pet battles, mission tables, infinite azerite grinds, WQs, raid or die/end game mentality, etc... Simultaneously the things that made the game RPG, such as sever community, professions and guild have taken a back seat and in some cases are gone entirely.

With all this in mind my hopes for AoC is this...when I come home from work and sit to play I would like to think that regardless of whether I am casual or hardcore I can find a home here. When I log in and spawn at wherever I want to see familiar faces and see familiar names in the chat and I want that to be the case no matter where I am in the world. As far as content is concerned I want it to be relevant to the game and not simple filler because the Devs were either out of touch or didn't care anymore. When I go to town I don't want to see spiderman riding a tricycle or a chicken on a flying slice of bacon. The game needs to be complete and finished with no need for a UI addon, a PVP addon, a DBM, an AH addon, 20 macros and side of fries....if your game has addons and macros it isn't a finished game in my book.

That is all I will torture you guys with. Lol. Good luck Intrepid there are about 20 million MMORPG players out there hoping that you will be the one.


  • This is going to be an open world MMORPG.

    Steven calls it a Themebox.

    There will be lots of player driven content.  I consider that role-play.   
  • Hello there fellow friends, players and devs.
    I want to add my own personal opinion on this topic because I have really high hopes for this game and I didn't have high hopes for an MMORPG EVER thanks to many disappointments.
    I know the devs are MMORPG fans and would do their best to give us the best fantasy MMORPG experience ever.
    As a veteran variety gamer since the age of 5, I've played many games throughout my life as a completionist.
    I would like to say that my personal favorite MMORPG is Ragnarok Online, no other MMORPG I've played will ever get close to that game and I'll explain why.
    First of all, more than 80% of RO (Ragnarok Online) players will only praise, salute and will tell you how grateful they are to have lived through RO..

    Ragnarok Online was a massive world with so many unknown elements. Back in the day you couldn't just Google everything about builds, skills, gear etc.. (2003ish) It gave the players an immersive sensation of joy and happiness, while you couldn't just depend on yourself in early-mid-late game (most classes), you just had to form a party and meet people to play with... Y'know what? I'll just copy some youtube comments about the game in BGM videos:
    [SPOILER]rozensen The sad part is, we could never go back to the old Ragnarok days pre-renewal. - How people help each other is a necessity in the game - When BOTs weren't even exist so you have to work very hard to level up - Very less information on the internet so you have to ask people in the game and most people with experience will help - Where all cities are crowded and lots of people just sitting and chat on the street, even outside of prontera was crowded - When you can make real friends in the game - Form parties filled with 1st jobs for leveling or 2nd jobs for killing MVPs - Where morroc was still normal and a lot of vendings there - When a warp portal from acolyte/priest could be a help or a prank for players - When you just chilling on a certain places with your favorite BGM just because you can - etc so many things to cherish Now we can't even experience that again even if you try to play RO again, Private Servers or not, everybody are using bots, no communication at all, trying to get the best equipment because their mind is PvP and WoE oriented only But well, this game has made my childhood and can't hate/forget this game no matter what, my first MMORPG and will always remember everything I did in this game and how I had very much fun everyday playing this game.   Thankyou Ragnarok Online, eventhough I played a lot of MMORPG after this game, it's still the best MMORPG ever in my whole gaming life, memories :)[/SPOILER]
    [spoiler]Kenzopi Thinking back about this game and comparing it to the MMOs these days, the difference is purely the element of exploration and making friends while doing so. Just give us an open world like Ragnarok did, let us explore it on our own and find out new dungeons and places with the friends we meet. Nowadays they include shitty linear story line with shitty plot quests which makes every individual character do their own thing. I mean why? Let us get killed mercilessly by random wandering crazy difficult monsters, put ridiculous MVPs in the deepest parts of dungeons, and let us discover the ways to beat them on our own, maybe with a party, and not spoon fed in a quest line. IMO, that's what all the MMOs are missing today; the element of the exploration, and the unknown. Developers these days are too focused on graphics/aesthetics that they forget what lit the fire in all of us MMO gamers. Well that's just my opinion D:[/spoiler]
    [spoiler]Ridghost 14 years later and RO fans still have nothing but thanks and praise for this truly magnificent game. I'm just glad I got to experience it in its prime. It was truly in a class of its own. I think only the people who actually experienced rag batik between the years of 2002 and 2009 really, truly understand how special it was. Now I just hope ToS can bring back even just a fraction of magic dust they used to make RO.[/spoiler]
    [spoiler]Henrique Barthmann 10 years of Ragnarok in my life, I remember the first time I logged in, 2005, I was just a kid with a dream to be "THE STRONGGEST KNIGHT", in my journey I made a lot of friends, joinned a guild made by these friends, we grew up together, played like 7 or 8 years side by side. My friends, Aender (The rogue that was our leader, he became a stalker after), me the mindless knight who rushed into every kind of truble, our mage friend Axium, who switched to gunslinger when the class was added to the game, Mariana, who was our priest, my other mindless friend who played Knight, his nick was Tsukune, this was the initial party. After some weeks, Caju, our paladin joinned, Meron, our wizzard too, and so much more people who I even talk until now adays (Negodym the sinx, MissRag the alchemist that after some time became our gipsy, Dinda the other alchemist, Arcane Fury the sage, Goth the other wizzard, Robin the bard), we have a lot of good memories, our server, the BRO - Thor, is taken by bots and hackers these days, we stopped our adventure in Ragnarok and we are trying to find a new place where everyone can play together, we though about FFXIV, but not everyone liked the game, we tried Black Desert, but its just not the same feeling, we tried Tree of Savior, but it is so fucking different from Rag... Well, it is a shame, but I think, even if everyone follows their way now, our moments togetherwill never be forgotten, I just have to thank this game, for everything it gave me, for the friends I made, and for the memories of WoE's, MVP's, dungeons, parties, and even those moments sitting on the Payon tables doing exactly NOTHING, just talking to my friends. Good times, indeed.[/spoiler]

    Well, I could just go on but I hope you get the general idea.. RO players will know exactly what I mean and I do hope you guys have played that.

    I know you guys are working very hard for everybody to enjoy a game that'll last at least a decade with a huge population and I bet a shitload of people told you many suggestions about the game, however, I beg of you, don't make guides or anything of the sort! The whole point of an RPG is exploring into the unknown and discovering new secrets about the game.

    So please, make your magic last for decades and let no other MMORPG come anywhere close to yours! Destroy WoW's reputation! Kick all the companies' asses! I wish you best of luck and please do not disappoint millions of players around the globe ^.~

    [spoiler]P.S. I'm a lurker so I might never reply~[/spoiler]
  • I too want to log in the open world of AoC and go on adventures after having crafted strong gear.

    I dislike all minigames, end game mentality and immersion breaking features.
    I love community fame and guild rivalries.
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    The AoC in-game future is designed to be unknown and unknowable.
    What is here today may not exist tomorrow.
    May that continue for eternity.

    Everything is logged and studied and the results known and recorded.
    The instruction manual for the 'best way to proceed' written on the internet for all to see.
    Every dungeon a mere script to follow to win.
    Everything min-maxed to perfection until there is only one way to play...or be damned.
    You must grind for eternity 24/7 or pay a fools ransom to be the best...regardless of luck or skill.
    And the Luck system is purposefully broken for profiteering anyway.

    The sad reality of the modern MMO.

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    My 2 cents. After doing about a month of playtesting (alpha 1), I must admit the combat system is interesting. It is smooth, and it does feel good (especially when you down an opponent, not gonna lie). Given, I'm not a fan of battle royal games. But, from understanding, I realize that the current state of the game was meant for testing purposes, and not indicative of the finished product. Since combat so far is good (or satisfactory), I now look forward to the finished product and every thing immersive about a true MMO. Guild wars, alliances, partying, dungeon raids, rp, the chat box, exploration, quests (and a main plotline), grinding with your guild, and the infamous AoC-only feature-nodes progression. If the finished product can deliver with these attributes, along with the "holy grail" of all MMORPGs (a blend of tab-target and action combat that feels good), then we have not just a winner, but a genre-breaking MMO that will last for decades to come.

    Of course, Roleplaying is a must for me, but from what I understand there will be no dedicated RP servers, so the players have to take it into their own hands how they want to handle this. It'd be interesting to see what they actually come up with and I will be along for the ride of course. (Coming from a huge rp background myself, including dungeons and dragons).
  • I never could get my head around the concept of nested role play.
    Why invent a deeper layer role player scenario, when the world as already there for you to play your role in ?
    Where you can change both your character and the world around you.

    I get themeparks make changing the environment impossible as they are set in stone, so you have to improvise.
    But AoC is not a themepark.
  • I never could get my head around the concept of nested role play.
    Why invent a deeper layer role player scenario, when the world as already there for you to play your role in ?
    Where you can change both your character and the world around you.

    I get themeparks make changing the environment impossible as they are set in stone, so you have to improvise.
    But AoC is not a themepark.
    When I say RPG it is not necessarily that I RP myself.  The word immersion comes to mind though when I say RPG...not that I am pretending to be said person but it is easier for some people to really get into and escape from the real world if the game is consistent on content relevant to the game itself.

    I hope AoC is never a theme park. LOL. But lets say the devs have an expansion coming out...I would rather have new zones than a pokemon side game. I would rather have mounts that fit the landscape than a motorcycle. I would rather see clothing that blend into the game than a clown outfit.  You can keep the game fun without being ridiculous.

    With WOW for instance most of the things they seem to add are not very MMORPGish. Mission tables, WQs, the garrisons, pet battles, sharding, CRZ, raid finders....all these elements take away from what WOW used to be. They traded all the things that made community, guild importance, RPG elements and server identity for QoLs that sped up the game....no wonder they had to time gate flying. Zero cause and effect thinking from the WOW devs. Zero. Which is why they have sold over 100 million copies but have only retained a fraction of that number.

  • I never could get my head around the concept of nested role play.
    Why invent a deeper layer role player scenario, when the world as already there for you to play your role in ?
    Where you can change both your character and the world around you.

    I get themeparks make changing the environment impossible as they are set in stone, so you have to improvise.
    But AoC is not a themepark.
    My understanding is that nested RP happens because the gameworlds can't offer all of the props and sets and scenarios players can imagine.
  • If I can spend more than 24 hours per day in game then I will consider this a success :>
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