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Haunted Halloween: Intrepid's Costume Ball Event!

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So you found yourself an Intrepid's Costume Ball invite hmm? We have something sinister planned. Come this Hallow's Eve all manners of ghouls and ghosts will come out to play, what better way to welcome them than with a lavish party! We do hope you’ll join us.

All good things come in three’s, and our Intrepid Ball will offer just the same thing. For our Spookiest minions looking to give us a scare, three keys will be your reward if you have us gasping for air. For the Tricksters among us going for a laugh, three keys will be your reward if you accomplish that task. Lastly our loyal companions, in all shapes that they take, three keys will be your reward for dressing your Pet, even your snake! But to leave a number at nine won’t do, one Grand Supreme winner will take home a key too! Not a fan of riddles? We’ll make things clear:


The Intrepid's Costume Ball is split up into three categories for you to partake in. They are the following: Spooky Costumes for our creepiest friends, Clever Costumes for the memers among us, and Pet Costumes for those of us who like to torture our pets with a tutu. Please submit a photo of yourself (or pet) in costume for a chance to win!

The team at Intrepid Studios will hand pick three winners per category. Each winner will receive our discontinued Intrepid Pre-order pack full of this months spooky themed cosmetics, alongside being showcased on our Halloween Spook-A-Thon Stream!

Finally one costume will be named the Grand Supreme, this costume will be the ultimate costume across all categories. On top of winning the above prizes, our Grand Supreme will additionally win their pick of an item from our Merchandise store, signed by the whole Intrepid Team!


Intrepid’s Costume Ball is a night to go wild with your creativity, we hope to see all sorts of entries from our community but here are a few guidelines for you to follow:

  1. Please refrain from sexually explicit, or racially charged costumes.

  2. All submissions must be posted here on the Intrepid Costume Ball Event page to be considered.

  3. To ensure your submission is valid, please hold up our logo and event Hashtag ( somewhere in the photo. Redraw it, recreate it with decorations, print it out, hold it up on your phone: just be sure it’s not slapped on in photoshop. ;)

  4. Deadline is October 31st, 2018 at 12PM PDT, submissions after this date and time will be invalid.
  5. Each Entry must follow a specific format, please refer to this example:

GMSam said:
Username: GM Sam
Category: Spooky Costume

*Note* Spooky GM Sam would be disqualified here for not including our logo, better luck next time Spooky Sam!

The Team at Intrepid Studios will handpick their ten favorites who will all receive our no longer available Alpha One Intrepid Pre-Order pack and a shout out. Good luck to our Intrepid Ball Costumers, make us proud!

Don't forget to post and share on Social Media with the hashtag #AshesOfCreation. We will be picking winners from Social Media as well! heartraised_hand_with_part_between_middle_and_ring_fingersskin-tone-1prayskin-tone-1



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