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In deep and can't wait!

Yesterday I upgraded my Kickstarter from Pioneer to Braver of worlds! Figured if i'm diving in a new MMO I should just dive in head first with conviction. Looking forward to playing with everyone and exploring the new world before us!


  • Greetings from Oceania and welcome to Ashes of Creation!!!
  • Congrats on the upgrade ^^
  • Great news!!!
  • Here's what your upgrade bought you:

    Infinite subscription
    Headstart - 2 days early
    Alpha 2 Key
    Alpha 1 Key
    Freehold appearance bundle - Tier3
    Character Founder's Costume
    Character Merchant Costume
    Character Royalty Costume
    Forum Badge - Founder
    In-game character title - Founder
    Forum Badge - Warrior of Old
    In-game character title - Warrior of Old
    Forum Badge - Braver of Worlds
    In-game character title - Braver of Worlds
    Spectral Mare
    Moonstrider Mule
    Dawnbreaker (epic)
    Pseudo Dragon
    Monster Tokens - 10 Legion
    Monster Tokens - 5 Elite
    Guild Name Reservation -  Name reserved
  • Welcome to the club :>
  • Nice Welcome to the braver of worlds!!! @Dethrin I hope to see you out on the field of battle. Friend or Foe we may not yet know.
  • @Dethrin Welcome to the community and welcome to the Braver club!
  • Welcome to Ashes^^ enjoy your bundle :D
  • Welcome to our beautiful community!
  • Welcome to Braver of Worlds! I did the same not too long ago, and I am so glad. :smile:
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