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Fishing was brought up and I'm a little concerned with some of the talk

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Right around the 4:20-4:27 and onward mark they bring up fishing.

Personally I want to be able to zone out, and fish while maybe watching a youtube channel or something on the side, sorta akin to world of warcraft.

The only fundamental thing I think I disagree with them, on is that there shouldn't be a quality difference between fishing actively or inactively. There should be different quantities of drop rates for either style with varying normal drops for each and each should have their own unique rare drops and legendary drops.

I think that's what I'd like to see. Also I would love to see group-fishing where nets are used and set into the world and you come back to them and take coordinated actions to bring them in, or bring up crabs etc. You know something that takes a team effort. There's also a chance for robbing other fishers of their catches that way.

I'd love fishing to be very in depth akin to being the ocean or aquatic variant of what gatherer's would be doing collectively.

I think one of the things people don't understand is that, zoning out collecting fish and getting something special is very immersive. seeing the wild life cycle through and players doing quests running by and you're just chilling is a very zen RP type of unique style of gathering. Its Productive inactivity that allows you to just kind of kill time while being productive doing something mindlessly.

If someone thinks you're afk and attacks you that's just a treat to break up the fishing and you can then have to battle your harasser just to fish!

Personally I liked scouting for good spots in WoW where special spawns were at, fighting over them was a nice race and the struggle of having to spend time not fishing vrs fishing and having the opportunity for a drop to arrive...and seeing it pop up as a message was like playing the lottery but with the advantage of getting fish.


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    Personally I think too many games have lack luster fishing.... I'd love to see a minigame-ish style to fishing requiring you to be active while doing it to avoid losing the fish

    Find a fish school > cast > wait for timer/bobber > repeat is dated and doesn't require much interaction past finding a school of fish. 

    Having fish bite during certain times and weathers, salt vs fresh water, type of bait, line tension, etc all add a little depth to it but if there's little to no interaction it's a grind instead of an enjoyable experience. 
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    You guys have it all wrong. We need to add some BOOM! to fishing. Introducing:

    Dwarven Dynamite Fishing

    Welcome to the Bearded Pond! The rules for fishing here are simple. For 10 shiny coins, I will give you ingredients to craft your very own dynamite. With no less than 20 different explosive powders to choose from (and plenty of fun-colored powders you'll dye for) you can make your own custom fishing sticks right here!

    Yep, you get tubes, wicks, and all the fun filling powder to make your very own fishing rods. All you have to do is light your rod and time your drop juuuuust right. Drop too early and you scare the fish away. Drop too late and you will have to toss with your off-hand.

    Certain recipes work best on different breed of fish. If your dynamite is too strong, or you drop it too close to the fish, then you've going to make what we call jelly-fish. If your dynamite is too weak, or you drop it too far from the fish, then all you do is scare it away. 

    Think you got what it takes? Head on down to the Bearded Pond!

    (Proprietor holds no accountability for lost limbs or harm to wildlife)
  • I now noticed that there might be a better section of the forums for this. My bad.
  • If you are going to use dynamite to go fishing.  The fish must be as lest as deadly as the fish in Wen Spencer's Elfhome series to make the risk of using dynamite outway the dangers.
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