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Functional Pets

Here's an idea for a science oriented character/node benefit.

A little automaton that serves as a little tool holder and assistant when crafting. This could be a functional pet.

The thing I disliked about pets in WoW was that they never did anything interesting aside from a few things they did later in the game's life cycle basically being poke'mon.

If you could craft a worker bot as a familiar I think having it help you craft would be very cool. Whether its a buff or a mini game when crafting where you have to do something synced to an animation etc. Something to make your attachment to the pet even more to give you an RP hook or something tangible to go off of other then the little bugger following you around all the time.

This could work with different pets too. For instance right now you can order a hawk pet. I don't see why that hawk pet couldn't help collect small game and bring it back to you instead of you looting it manually. Just some small effect that having the pet would benefit you with.


  • I dont think we will have any steam-punkish type of stuff, judging by the fact that the game is high fantasy the science node will most likely be centered around magic development rather than typical science stuff :3 
  • Its mostly just an example, but you're probably right.
  • Actually the store listed "pets" and "mounts" which caught my eye because it illustrated a black cat with a horse (I so want a kitten). So there is some type of pet system... or will be eventually. I do have my fingers crossed that the horse colors will vary. I am also curious to if there is a combat system while mounted...or if you can craft armors for your mounts for extra defense while in mounted combat.

    It would interesting to have epic mounts that require group effort to wear down in order to tame (must have HP down to a set limit in order to try and attempt to tame), like "mares of Diomedes" (12 man eating mares), 4 horses of the apocalypse, Sleipnir (Oden's six legged horse), elemental epic horse (fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, ice, earth, light, and dark - graphically designed to their respective element) 
  • @Chell There are different "classes" of pets. The ones on the store are cosmetic pets only. They have no stats, are able to be summoned from level 1, and take up a cosmetic pet slot. There are also combat pets in game. Before you can apply a specific cosmetic skin that matches that class of pet you have to acquire it in game. The same applies to mounts. The skin has to match the class of mount. You won't be able to throw a winged gliding mount skin on a horse for example. Taming is under the artisan trees, and while we have limited information on the crafting we do know some things. You will be able to tame almost anything in game with the exception being named mobs and world bosses. You will be able to cross-breed various animals to come up with new combinations. There will be a whole palette of color options and range on mounts. And finally one of the stretch goals reached was Small Cute Pets. If the KS people get them, you can be sure that they will also be available in game in some fashion. Hope that helps.
  • @UnknownSystemError but is there a combat system like in ROI while on mounts? Didn't know they had aerial mounts, do now! Thanks! I kind of figured the kitten was just for show... and can't wait to see more reveals of the artisan system... 
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    @Chell Mounts will have combat abilities, but there is no "mounted combat" per say. Realize that true flight is extremely limited to around 0.001% of a full server population. Only 10 legendary mounts plus a few possible legendary egg drop mounts that age and die in 2-4 weeks will ever be present on a fully developed server. They have restrictions and timers on their use. There are mounts however that will hover and others that will glide.

  • @UnknownSystemError I do like the fact they made the epics with an expiration date. If you just happen to be the "lucky bastard" that gets a epic egg drop, you can score a good price at the market (maybe thats the greedy dwarf in me), and its nothing you can keep forever. Sounds like its similar to the L2 castle lord systems, with the added bonus of a king/queen monarchy system. Wyverns are nice, but they are kind of like a bird when they fly over, never know if you will get a "surprise" dropped on your head. 
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