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Anyway to get into alpha 1 currently?

For me, the art direction is what this game has going the best for it, and I love the class selection and races so far. It all needs some tweaking, and from what I hear the character creation will be on par or at least better then Black Desert Online, which is what I am hoping for. 

That said, I heard about this game some months ago, and only now are just getting interested in it, since there wasnt much on it all those months ago. If I cannot get into alpha 1, then when will alpha 2 come along? I heard it would be as much as a year from now, but thats all bound to chance.


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    They have limited the spaces in Alpha 1 Phase 2 to around 10k players. Since this is their eventual plan for concurrent server sizes this gives them a good metric for testing. Alpha 1 Phase 1 which is the action combat testing will have certain points when access is available to anyone who has an account here. They will not have access to the mmo testing phase of A1P2 when action and tab targeting are integrated into what they want their final system to be. The availability to purchase A1 access has passed unless you were a KS/Summer backer from last year. A2 (not A1P2) is estimated to come late Q2/early Q3 next year. As always those dates may be moved due to testing going well, or running into delays. Please realize these are true testing alphas and not your "early access" games that so many others like to put out now as products for a quick cash grab. None of the progress during testing will be saved on the player side. Everything will be wiped multiple times and a final wipe before launch is promised to occur.
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  • TLDR: No.

    Alpha 2 is the current earliest access you could reasonably get. There could theoretically be other ways, eg become an official content creator, or get hired by the company etc. I'd assume if you called them up and offered to throw unreasonable amounts of cash at them they'd do it too... like a lot. But for all intents and purposes, no, A1 access has already sold out.

    A2 ain't so bad though, check out the store.
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