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Crafters, healers, pickpockets, spies and other informal associations

Will there be a game mechanic which might be used for semi-formal player associations beyond guilds, citizenship and classes?

For example, back in L2 the healers (like myself) on my server had an informal group where we traded ideas on how to be a good healer, which 'Clans' treated their healers well, which tanks were incompetent and got healers killed, etc.

Or it could be an informal association of master crafters sharing tips on resource sources, crafting hints, customers trustworthy enough to give credit to, and other matters of concern to the crafting community.

This could extend to those interested in role-playing, exploration, ocean trading, merchant price-guidelines or whatever else comes up in the imagination of the playing world.  Such semi-formal groups could be invitation only and cross race, class, and citizenship lines.  They may conspire in politics without the rulers' knowledge.  They could be multi-city thieves guilds whose motives differ from that of the mayors, generals, merchants and other honorable classes.

I have ideas how this might be implemented but I suspect others have better ideas than my own, and I would love to hear them...and perhaps the Devs would to.

All the best, Tau


  • @TauTau so if I am reading this correctly while I'm still waking up. This is something that is easily done with forums and chat rooms such outside the game but you would like to see it included into the game to help with immersion?
  • Yes, Arxeon.  In-game can be much more efficient and makes it part of the game-world immersion.  It could be as simple as creating a sub-friends list you can title and use to chat. 

    Perhaps it could be dedicating the shed behind your farm or the back room of your house as accessible to this group.  Perhaps there could be some back-alley rooms in cities that could be 'rented' to such informal groups, either by the city government or rooms that could be created if you have enough people (or enough money) in your group which has the common interest - thieves' guild or healers' association or merchants' export guild or master spy network, or whatever. 

    I hope the 'association' would both be useful for the associated players but also add even more depth to the game.  For example, the 'upstanding merchants' might publically appear to support their local governments but they know that constant warfare increases profits.  They then conspire with merchants from various other cities to keep governments at war rather than have peaceful cooperation.

  • Sounds great for people who are really into immersion and rp :3
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