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EU Preorder (

I haven´t found any detailed information on this. I know i have to have  a account in order to play on EU-Servers. I´m planning on Pre-Ordering as soon as there are cosmetics i really like. But i´m  confused because i can´t preorder over Do i have to preorder in the normal store? How will this preorder then transfer to

Additinal question:
On the Register-Pages from Ashes they say "register for weekly drawings". What excatly is meant by that? Drawing like in artwork or drawing like in lottery for something? Haven´t recieved anything...

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    From my understanding preorder from the store on this website.  I would assume there will be some key you use to download the game then link it to your account at the later date. 

    Weekly drawings are for alpha keys. 
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    The weekly drawings were back for Alpha 0. That is already been completed so at the moment we do not have weekly drawings for alpha zero codes. 

    If you want to preorder do it from the store on this website. Would be glad to have you join the group!!!


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