Ashes lore in pathfinder ^^

So in case anyone has not seen the news yet steven will be running a 24-hour stream of Pathfinder for Extra Life which is a great cause but there is also other news. The game will have ashes of creation lore, and all I can say is the hype is real ^^

(click the image to open a bigger copy)


  • Ugh. I'll be working but will hopefully be able to catch part of the stream that night.
  • Good to know. Can't watch 24h, but will definitely try to watch a few hours.

    Hopefully we can somehow rewatch this or someone will write down what happened in the 24 hours.
  • we're finally getting some lore, I can't wait!
    I'm sure some eager youtubers will sacrifice themselves and sum up those 24h^^ At least that's what I hope, can't watch the entire thing unfortunately.
  • LOOOOOORE :love:<3
  • Lore hypeeee!
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    yup but the thing I want to watch is the person doing a write up of all the lore for the 24hr stream XD 

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