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Farm beauty enhancements

The screenshots of the world of Ashes of Creation are beautiful.  I am sure players will want to settle in the prettiest spots and establish lovely farms, blacksmith shops, pastures to breed the strongest warhorses, and so forth.

I would love it if the game allowed me to put up birdhouses, bird feeders, bird baths, feeding bowls to attract birds and small wildlife.  Attracting cardinals, or parrots, or hawks to my homestead would be fun.  If we are able to trap raccoons and small game, or enrich fishing ponds with rich vegetation, that might be cool as well.

A separate idea:  I expect that each server will have a dedicated public forum.  In L2, one member of my guild, RumPunch, posted a weekly news column discussing sieges, personalities, myths , player interviews (some fictional) and rumors. 


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    You could integrate that sort of news into in-game taverns too for the role play 
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    I wouldn't be surprised if taverns had bulletin boards for player use.  I'll plan on posting my trash tabloids there.

    Speaking of taverns, they are said to serve healthy meals like chicken soup, which will give a short term stats boost.  They will have to buy chickens and 'taters and other ingredients (unless they grow them themselves) I see opportunities for the local economy.  Growing potatoes might be easy, so they will serve veggie dishes first.  If chickens are easiest to catch and breed, then chicken soup will come next.  Once cattle are introduced to farms then we will have steak....each meal would give progressively larger stat boosts so the tavern owners and customers all have a motivation to protect the local farmers from zombie hoards to keep the ingredients flowing.

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    But we need turkeys in game!  Then we might be able to have turducken at the tavern.  That should give you a large boost!
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