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AOC Character Backstory's

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Here feel free to go crazy and post how you see your character growing up and then adventuring throughout Ashes of Creation

                                                     Rebirth of a Phoenix Hero
??? Man: Hey did you hear? A Phoenix Knight Squad is coming to our town!
??? Women: What? Really!? I wonder what they would want from a small town like this...
??? Man: I don't know but it cant be anything good, be sure to lock up your doors tonight... We shouldn't get involved with them.
??? Women: Right best hide in the cellar, trouble is probably coming.

Phoenix Knights, powerful warriors who seek to save as many things as they are able to. Although they are seen as protectors of the people, often times they bring bad omens of destruction and violence. In new Verra civilizations have just started to arise as the portal had reopened and those brave enough made the journey, some found themselves with powers unfamiliar to themselves. Some called it a divine blessing or a magical feeling, these people were known as the Gifted, as those who didn't obtain any where known as normal's.

Approaching the small town is a small party of four people, one female and three males. The female wearing heavy armor with long white hair, and golden eyes to match her holy vestments, along with her sword as well. The man walking besides her with ashen hair wielding a sword on his back and a few vestments that match the females colors much better then his own. As for the man behind the women is a man with Purple hair and eyes in thick purple robes wielding a lantern that seems to glow with a stone inside of it, as well as a book he keeps close to him. Finialy the man behind the one with the sword has brown hair and green eyes with standard issue looking leather armor and a bow slung on his back as he is cracking a smile as he tells a joke.

Quincy: All i'm saying dragons by far have the worst hangovers, THINK ABOUT IT! If they vomit they also breath fire and not only might it all explode but now smell HORRIBLE!!!
Hope: Id argue that a deity would have a far worse hangover, if they got hungover then the entire would could smell bad or be destroyed.
Arcane: Give a mage a drink and you get a house with giant chicken legs.
Quincy: Okay but that's coming from a man with magic, and a women with the god's magic! Zeph what about you? Us normal's have to stick together! 
Zeph: Oh sorry I wasn't paying attention, hmmm Id say the worst one to get a hangover would be my son Zutzo, not for anything he would do, but for the hell I would unleash on his unready soul!
Quincy: Aren't you being a tad harsh on that? I mean you drink all the time!
Hope: That is true however were trying to prevent our son from becoming to much like his father.
Zeph: In my defense if he becomes like me i'm telling you he would be known throughout all the kingdoms!
Hope: Hopefully not as a drunk--
Quincy interjecting quickly: Cut the chatter we have company!

As the group turns to the Forrest that is near the town they see some green haze and red eyes learning at them. Just as the party gets ready their weapons the eyes seem to vanish.

Quincy, keeping his bow drawn he turns to the others: Those must be the corrupted over there, lets get started right away.
Zeph: We should at least inform the mayor or chief of this village to get everyone to safety.
Arcane: Me and Zeph will head to the city, send up a flare once I send you a telepathic message and we will come find you.
Quincy: Right, Hope lets go I need that fog gone, its most likely harmful.
Hope: Right!

The party splits off into two groups consisting of the Scout Quincy and High Priest Hope as the pursuers. Meanwhile Archwizard Arcane and Knight Zeph headed into town as protectors. However they were not the only one's on the move as somewhere else another plan has been set into motion.

A young child who was waiting for his parents to leave onto their next mission and for the butler to be busy making food sneaks off into the basement where he was not allowed or able to, however this time he found where the key was and placed a duplicate key to trick the butler into thinking the real one was still there. With that the small child sneaks off into the basement.
Zutzo a young but yet adventurous child with silver ash hair is rummaging though the basement with his parents supplies stacking boxes up to reach the corner of the room where a secret panel lies. 
Zutzo: Just a tad further, come on!
As he finally climbs the boxes after several failed attempts he opens the panel on the roof and sees a small tunnel.
Zutzo: That must lead to what they have been hiding!
Smiling with excitement he begins to rush forward: No dungeon is to hard for me to venture! Not for the almighty Phoenix Hero Zutzo!
as he begins to venture down into the small entrance.

Following the Tracks that they found inside of the mist Quincy and Hope continue to move forward with careful haste only knowing of legend of everything that could possibly exist in this region.
As for Zeph and Arcane they had begun to get people safely into the cellar as Arcane had also used Mage's detection to check for any traps as Zeph used his Perception to see if anyone had started to become corrupted. Luckily none that they saw were in danger as the last citizen enters the cellar the inform the mayor to wait for their return or a day or two then to leave and be on high alert and to get message to the court that they had failed. 

Arcane holding a hand to his ear using magic: Quincy shoot the flare were on our way.
Quincy raising his flare gun suddenly jumps back as he fires as several red eyes suddenly begin to emerge and the fog rolls in: 1,2,.... 14! HOPE RUN WE CANT TAKE THEM!
Suddenly and arrow come in and embeds itself into Quincy's leg, as they begin to run.
Hope: Run through the pain ill patch it up!
Quincy: Focus on getting rid of that fog, if we get stuck in it were both done for!
Quincy then as he's running bleeding through his leg turns and jumps shooting a Fleeting shot to get a bit further away.
Quincy: GO that will buy us some time!
Hope: Come the village is that way!

As both groups now begin to head to one another they eventually see one another at the edge of the Forrest as the green mist is suddenly dispersed as Hope and Arcane rush out both wounded now with several arrows and bolts.
Arcane getting ready his Black hole and Zeph getting his shield and sword ready: Right!
In the field as they all make it to one another in formation they see 14 men with corrupted veins begin to slowly appear out of the mist.
Arcane: Report said 15 so keep a look out everyone.
And as if on Que as the last one emerges a horse and a man if full armor, can be seen exiting the mist with a great-sword.
Quincy: Just had to call it didn't you! NOW ARCANE!

Venturing down the hole for what feels like hours there comes a large opening underground with 10 statues.
Zutzo: Hold on a second.... what.. is this place?
Unsheathing his dagger and little wooden shield with his sling to the side he goes up to one of the engravings of the statues.
Zutzo: God of Creation? But hey wait the names all... What does that say? Is it that old that the writing just got sloppy!
Going around the room it continues to list off other gods and goddesses. As he then notices a small trapdoor hidden by dust and stones in the very center of the room.
Zutzo: AHA! That's where the treasure is hidden!
Opening the trapdoor he finds a ladder and darkness, looking around he decides to break off a piece of the ladder and rip off some of his cloths and take out his note book and oil jar as he takes out most of the blank pages and then wraps it around the new found ladder stick then ties it all off with the cloth from his clothing. Then taking two rocks he try's to get a spark going as suddenly it happens! A small torch is made as he smiles with glee he puts the torch in is mouth as he begins to climb down.

Jumping away quickly to the side as 6 of the men are pulled by the black hole Quincy fires off a Hail of arrows into them, meanwhile Zeph quickly summons a Bulwark to provide cover against the one's charging, as well as to give time for Hope to focus on her Lifeline.
Zeph: Arcane see if you can get a good Arch lightning off!
Hope: Heads up the leader hasn't moved, look ou--
Suddenly appearing behind them through a Mage's escape is the man no longer on the horse who cleaves into Arcane
Quincy: ARCANE!
Falling down but then quickly jumping back landing on his feet Arcane is still standing.
Arcane: Tch even with Forcefield that still stung!
Zeph: Quincy focus on the others, Hope your on healing, Arcane do what the situation calls for on either side!
Arcane, Hope, Quincy: Right!
Zeph begins to go toe to toe against the powerful foe blocking yet staggering against this great-sword infused with magic.
Quincy Sprinting out begins to unload a volley of arrows into the other corrupted as they launch their arrows aimed at him and Arcane. Then as all time seems to stop as Zeph turns to see...

 Making it to the bottom of the ladder Zutzo begins to venture forward looking around at new inscription on the walls depicting a battle between the labeled gods earlier, and then a inscriptions of what seems like the warp gate with people fighting in front of it looking around wishing he didn't use all of his oil on the torch he continues forward seeing stories after stories inscribed into the walls. Eventually he comes to a similar room to the first with the 10 statues, however they all seem to be armed with weapons and battle ready stances with a lone column with a bowl of ash in the middle. Hardly being able to read the inscription on the bowl he was able to read out, "Ashes, Phoenix, Hero, Blood." 
Zutzo: This is starting to get weird... Maybe i shouldn't.... NO I am the Phoenix Hero Zutzo, Nothing scares me!
As he then cuts his hand with his dagger and drips it along with a few proud tears into the bowl as a small spark of the torch falls into the bowl as well.
Suddenly the room begins to emanate several different colors each one originating form a statue as they seem to pour into the bowl that erupts into fire in the shape of a Phoenix knocking Zutzo back. Motionless unable to look away as this dazzling display occurs he watches as the Phoenix like entity roars into the air silently as it then looks down at Zutzo on the floor both afaid and amazed, as it then suddenly flies into him.
Zutzo: GAHHHHHHH MY BODY! It feels... like its... my blood as if... its on fire! 
After what felt like an eternity of suffering Zutzo passes out.

Falling to the ground impaled by the great-sword appearing out of the Mage's escape is Hope as she slowly looks over her shoulder in fear as she falls motionless onto the ground.
Zeph with the most hate he has ever had: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
As Zeph charges forward for a Shield throw at the knight catching him off guard as then he goes in to Impale him.
Quincy: Arcane Quicky I need an Implosion for the last f--!
Suddenly an arrow finds its way into Quincy's vital spot as he falls onto the ground tumbling to a stop.
Arcane letting lose an Implosion: QUINCY!!!
A few moments pass of pure combat as the only three standing are the knight Zeph and Arcane.
Arcane weakly: Got a plan here Zeph.... I've got enough for one more spell...?
Zeph: Yeah get ready an Ice prison, ill make my move at that very moment.
Zeph begins to charge forward just about to reach the Knight: NOW ARCANE!
As if on que the Knight Mage's escape as the Ice prison surrounds the area where he was as he appears behind Zeph running at Arcane who is still citing the spell.
As the sword finds purchase in Arcane he falls to the ground this time dropping both his lantern and book no longer moving.
Zeph gripping his sword to the point where the hilt nearly cracks he focuses and rushes forward sending a Righteous fury at the knight pulling in the the knight caught off guard by this move as it is then followed up by Zeph's sheer Shield might as the knight is knocked over Zeph raises his sword and brings it down to the knights head as suddenly the After image fades off the knight and there is now a sword sticking through Zeph's chest. Looking over his shoulder he see's the man no longer helmeted, with a new scar over his eye. 
With his black hair and red eye he looks down at Zeph: My names Gyric by the way, thanks for asking before you all died you bastards.
Zeph coughing up some blood: Who are you.... why are you..?
Gyric: Oh so now you ask, rude if you ask me, but you see I'm here to train, I wanted to make sure I was strong enough to kill powerful foes such as yourself, and I am! So I think ill go ahead and start my own little club, one with less corrupted people seeing as they are, well quite useless in the end.
Zeph: Whats... your end game here!
Gyric: Simple, however no use in telling a dead man, don't worry though ill let the village know you failed and that I saved the day, you can thank me, hmm never.
As he then finishes off Zeph and walks away.
Zeph hardly conscious crawls to hope who is still on her dying moments and holds her hand.
Zeph: I'm sorry...
Hope: Its... alright...
Zeph: Perhaps one day... Zutzo might...
Hope shaking her head and turning it to face him: No... i'm certain... he will.. become better than us... and find good... allies in his... friends.
Zeph letting a tear slip out: Ill look forward... to that......
Zeph no longer moves.
Hope looks to the sky accepting her end said one final prayer: God of creation hear my plea.... Our Son Zutzo I beseech thee... Create him into a great hero, and let him do what we could not! Please... I beg of you....Endow life upon him should he ever be in danger...
Hope then smiles and closes her eyes.

Writhing in pain and coughing up blood that's smoking Zutzo suddenly feels a gentle warmth begin to emanate throughout his body replacing the painful one, sitting there confused and not sure if feeling good or still in pain he sits there silently sobbing as he looks down at his chest where there is now a Phoenix shaped scar. Feeling the ability to move again he begins to make the journey back to his home which feels much shorter this time, as he makes his way out hole into the basement and up the stairs he heads to his room and lays down to sleep.

Several years later.

Zutzo: Yeah turns out the mages set up this type of portal for training, you go in with a few of your friends and you are all placed in a demi-plane to all fight to the death, however once when you die you return to this world only with me memories unharmed!
??? Man: Huh perhaps ill go check that out sometime, do you actually do any of that?
Zutzo: Not yet, but i'm going to! It will be rough but I remember a few of the things my parents taught me as a kid!
??? Man: Yeah well alright best of luck to you then in your training.
Zutzo shakes hands with the man as they depart as Zutzo walks to a nearby bridge with water crossing under it as he looks into the distance: Now its time to start showing the world what a Phoenix Hero can do!


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