Character Movement: Discussion about weight effect.

Hey all,
I know this is something of a hot topic since videos have been released showing improved action combat.
Many people feel that the character's movement and actions are very disconnected/"floaty" and don't have much weight.  I understand that this will likely be improved upon as we get further into Alpha 2 and Beta 1/2, however I would like to discuss what level of changes will be made.
Has anyone played a game called Lords of the Fallen?  If you haven't a quick YouTube search will show off its combat system and more importantly how the main characters movement and agility quickly diminishes when heavier sets of armor are equipped.
In LotF, the main character even has a carry weight, which depending on total weight of armor and weapons/shield in combination with Stats that improve carry weight, determine how deftly the character moves.  I for one, thoroughly enjoyed the large difference between playing the main character as a "rogue" type with light leather armor and quick movements/dodges/rolls and playing the main character as a "tank" type with heavy armor and slow movements/dodges/rolls.  It really made me as a player, feel that the armor and weapons I used affected how I approached combat in the game.  As a slower tank type character with slow, heavy weapons and shields, I had to rely on my armor to absorb hits rather than dodge, as dodging was painfully slow and limited when in full heavy armor.  I also had to time my attacks between the enemies attacks, as the use of a slow, heavy weapon dealt high damage and had a chance to knockdown enemies, but had a high wind-up time.
I believe adding something like a carry weight to AoC would be welcomed as it would further distinguish heavy, tank type classes from light, nimble mage/rogue type classes, while giving the players a sense that the heavy, plate armor and large 2-handed weapons they wield actually mean something and can withstand/deal out a lot of damage, while the rogue types classes would rely on dodging attacks and counter attacking during openers, as a couple hits could be enough to cripple/kill them.

What say you?


  • I wholeheartedly agree that differences in mobility and movement based on character class/armor would be a positive addition to the game, and would give a new dynamic to combat. It also would add to the realism and immersion that the developers are looking to provide.

    Although balancing this against a combat system that includes action-based combat might be challenging, I have faith that these developers. With the assistance of the testing and forum community, I think that it could be accomplished and done well.
  • I agree that the balancing would be a challenge in an action-based combat game, namely for heavily armored, slower classes against nimble, ranged magic users.  As the faster magic class would likely keep away from the slower attacker while being able to do magic damage (bypassing the majority of armor/defense value) unless resistance potions/armor modifications are available to increase magic resistances to a specific element (makes sense as the armor value itself raises physical mitigation leaving magical mitigation as a potential added modifier.)
    However, I am really excited to see what changes they come up with! :smiley:
  • While weight would be a good thing to factor in the level at which LoTF does it is too far for an mmo, also enchanting armor for less carry weight would probably be a good option too if we had that sort of thing.
  • Just out of curiosity why do you feel that the way LotF handled it would be too much for AoC?
    Something I see in other games (WoW, GW2) is that melee classes really don't feel slow or different from ranged classes in terms of movement... it's just you have to be close to do damage vs. being farther away.  There really isn't even a sense that your plate armor reduces damage much more/ if at all compared to more lightly armored classes.
    I just feel like heavy armored classes should be relying on their armor to keep them alive, whereas lightly armored classes should be relying on avoiding attacks altogether, as they aren't armored enough to withstand many hits.
    It will sure be interesting to see where they go with it all :)
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