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Im Not Sure How To Enter The Alpha/Beta contest ;.;

soo first of all i wanna say this game WILL be great but i would love to test it before purchasing lol however ik i must enter the contest and hopefully i win one of the entries tell me how to do this thanks!


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    First and foremost: Welcome :)
    You have a chance for an alpha-key, just by signing up.

    This is from an Q&A:

    <blockquote><strong>Q: Will the key draws be just random? and how many?</strong>
    A: Weekly, to users who perform well with referrals and posting content on forums/ participating in discussions etc. Sometimes random also.
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    Welcome to the community!
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    Hai! Welcome to the forums MokaAkashiya! Im Rimirg! As for your question, Thorik has already answered your qestion :D You just have to sign up on the forums and stay as active as you can :D If you want to be informed who won (or if you won; you) you can join the discord :D The discord has the Director of the game online (most of the time... usually... some times... HE JUST LURKS OK!!! (and sometimes goes on to chill with us.) but he does type) to answer our questions on the Ask_Interpid chat of the Discord. While waiting for the alpha/beta, come and join us :D Here's a link for the Discord!

    Once again, welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay :D
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