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Your mom is an NPC.

Your mom is an Non-Playable Character. Just sayin'
Or is she? That's not what he said. Lol. J.k.


  • sometimes sunfrog I wonder what goes on in your mind and then I remember not to ask
  • lol :) You'll never unsee it now. Every time you watch that video you'll see someone's mom standing there.
  • My mom is too dangerous, she'd probably be out there killing, can't be her it seems.
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    edited November 2018
    Hm... sunfrog made me think...
    > She gave me quests (Check)
    > She pissed me of giving me repetitive tasks - a lot of times (Check)
    > Eventually she would reward me with some coin, when i finally fullfilled some of that tasks (Check)
    > She kept repeating herself: "You're not done, yet. Come back, when you have finished your task." (Check)
    > She followed a very strict day/night cycle: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, TV, sleep (Check)
    > She sent me to meet boss-monsters in the deepest dungeons: Grandpa, grandma, my uncle... *shiver* (Check)

    ...oh my goodness. My Mom IS an NPC.

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