Summoner Spell: The Summoning Stone

Groups of Summoners can enchant a magic conducting stone with energy, such energy calls forth dark entities you can fight for experience. Summoning Stones can also be used in sieges as ammunition for castle sieges. Beckoning forth monsters to attack friend or foe alike.

Should you defeat the energies attracted to the summoning stone, you create a magical item that is charged with their dark energy...which is volatile...explody, volatile.


  • So you basically want to summon a spawnpoint for Monsters?

    Wouldn't this be way to powerfull?
    I mean you could easily sabotage a node by putting these additional spawnpoints on every caravan route... So only very highly defended caravans would make it even if no real player attaked the caravan.
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    Could easily be that the entities that are attracted to the stone break it over a period of time.

    The goal with the stone is that 1. its an effective means of leveling. 2.Your reward for creating a stone whether or not you defeat the monsters is apparent. 3. Should you defeat a Stone's summons, you're rewarded with a tangible piece of ammunition. So not only do you reward your node and your other players, by not grinding up all their quest-related spawns, you also get a valuable piece of loot.

    My goal is not to make a thing that would just ruin the game.

    I think farming from one monster spawn to another is kind of tedious in some high density mmos and if I and a group of players could just make a high spawn rate xp grind for us, that isn't cheating its just to the benefit of everyone.

    Also you wouldn't necessarily be able to #bot this because once you convert a stone you need the group of summoners to do it again.
  • again like the necromacer, you are likely just to summon one super strong siege "giant"
  • Why complicate it when you can drop a meteor on top of something or cause a spatial tear and do away with it...
  • I think some of the best things feel earned.

    There are other reasons you might want these.

    DPS benchmarking etc.
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