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[[Prosperity]] ||NA/EU|| Resource Guild! {Other Guilds read this Too!}

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|||***Welcome Friends!***|||
We get it, we understand, and we don’t judge. Not everyone likes to PVP, not everyone has that touch, and we’re here for you. You want to play a game and not have to worry about when you’re going to lose all your hard earned work, you aren’t someone who takes risks, everything you do is calculated, and you want something to always play in your favor, no matter what it takes. If this description matches you, then you’ll find a family of like minded individuals over here at the Prosperity.
|||What do we do?|||
We collect and hold resources, and sell them off first come first serve to clans who are willing to pay. We work around the clock to farm and develop, and will always have jobs for new players. We work together with several guilds to give you generous paychecks and allowances depending on your hard work, so the more you put in, the more you get out.
|||I want to join, but I’m already in a guild|||
No worries! With our guilds policies, we accept dual guild affiliation. You can stay in the clan of your choosing, but if you choose to work for us, you can simply go out collecting resources, and instead of selling them base price at shops, we will buy them off you for a higher price than sell, but a lower price than buy. That way we both make money, strengthen guild bonds, and you can make a pretty penny resource farming instead of just getting the dirt price off the standard market.
|||What are the benefits of joining?|||
Everyone wants the best for themselves, regardless of what good it will bring to others.
That’s why we’re interested in giving you the best. What can we give you ask?
Safety: With our multitude of guilds buying off us, no one will want to hurt you if you’re wearing out guild tag. Who wants to piss off the people who’re selling to tons of guilds and have those guilds attack them?
A weekly Salary: You don’t work for free. We don’t expect you to, that’s unfair and wrong. All our official guild members will get a salary for their hard work. We plan on logging all resources brought in and out of the guild by what players, and if you are active, you will get paid. Simple as that.
A chance at future internal benefits: People who work for us get direct benefits. Working hard and getting promotions allows for higher paychecks and direct communication with the higher ups. If you need something done, this guild is the guild to get it done in.
|||Alright, you’ve sold me, where do I sign up?|||
No restrictions, no age limits, no sensors. We allow everyone to join, and everyone to be free to say what they want, when they want. Do you want to join? Just say the word and you’re in. Even if you don’t want to bare our tag, you can join in anyways and make money. The Discord Link can be found here:
|||I’m a guild leader, and I want to work with you|||
That’s great! We offer tons of benefits towards guild leaders who partner with us. This includes but is not limited to:
Easy Selling: Any guild can sell to us, but those who go out of their ways to talk to us and make deals can sell to us instantly, and even set up custom routes in which we can get resources to them easier.
Better Deals: By working with us officially, we will sell to you at lower prices, and buy from you for higher prices.
Priority Buying: By working with us officially, we work with you. If we notice several clans wanting the same materials, but you’re working with us, then we will sell to you first.
Talk to Trav when you get into the discord for more info.


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