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New lore and Ashes board game from Pathfinder stream

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Hello everyone the 24hr Pathfinder stream concluded a few hours ago and I wanted to make sure everyone knows where to get the new lore since I don't know when or if the ashes team will post it. During the stream Shaze#7493 and Zii#2633 did an amazing job staying up all night and keeping track of the DnD campaign and all the new lore. There is also an ashes board game now. I don't know about you but its the first time I'm hearing that officially confirmed, it will apparently come out around the beta phases. During the stream we as a community destroyed our goal of 16,500$ and came through the night with over 20k$ for the Extra life charity. I think everyone who donated deserves a pat on the back. Thank guys for caring I'm sure you have helped a lot of children.

I'm also psyched because due to them finally releasing more lore I hope I can see more people writing stories in Verra and cool fan art. During the stream I also heard Jeffery mumble emphasis on mumble something about a book set in Verra. so I'm excited even though he may not have meant it.

Here's a small snippet of the new lore:
 Kaivek orcs: The Kaivek have always adhered to a strict code of tribal loyalty… Roughly thirteen centuries before the fall, a leader named Ran’Kal united the clans into a nation called the Kaivek Protectorate. Kal taught that all Orcs answer to the protection of the divine order. This teaching expressed the belief that it was the will of the gods that all Orc kind should have superiority over the nations of Verra. For it was only through the unity of the clans that the people of Verra would be lead to enlightenment. It was the teachings of Kal that lead the Kaivek to pursue campaigns of conquest across the lands of Verra. Where the Orcs were once nomadic and divided before Kal, through his leadership they became a powerful nation united in conquest. Trophies of each city conquered is found in the capital city of Ren. [Just before the fall] the Kaivek Protectorate have adopted a policy of peaceful coexistence with their neighbors. Having endured centuries of conflict, leaders rose among them echoing the teachings of peace. These recent reformations have once again begun to lead to a fracturing of the Protectorate. Some unrest among the clans have called for a culling of those who are unworthy of the protection from the divine order.

You can find all there hard work here and much more info about what was revealed here:

If you would like you can follow along with the stream with the campaign tracker here:

P.S. Oh and if i got anything wrong or if something needs to be adjusted please tell me.  :)


  • Huge congrats to everyone who took part and even bigger thanks to the guys who made the tracker ^^
  • Thanks for this I couldn't watch the entire stream .w.
  • Is there any more details on this board game? I'm a sucker for table top and children's card games.

  • trayo said:
    Is there any more details on this board game? I'm a sucker for table top and children's card games.

    Other than what's on Ashespost I'm not sure. Its the first time I'm hearing about it; I'm sure more info will come out closer to release, wish i could be of more help. :/
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  • I do wonder how the gameplay will be like. will it be like 5ed of D&D or Pathfinder or something new
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