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Laughing Sons Guild Recruitment [English Speaking]

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Laughing Sons is recruiting, we are a 18+ red guild that based in CET. We participate mainly in Ganking/PKing with squad PVP and faction war. We also will have a PvE team. 

-Must be an active member that takes AoC seriously.
-Must be into PvP as well as PvE, we will have teams mainly for each mode but if we have absentees we will need people to fill in.
-Be prepared to help guild in many ways. We do not take slackers. If you have something that could help the guild grow as a whole, donate it, it will not go unnoticed.
-Be able to listen to leaders. To grow as a community we will need people that are able to follow instructions. If they tell you to go pick mushrooms to help forward the guild, do it.
-Have at least the minimum pc requirements for the game. Our community will be involved in Guild Wars and castle sieges as well as PvE and World bosses. To do this without a problem we will need members with adequate systems. You can find the predicted system requirements at: of Creation

You can contact the GM on Discord at:
(GM) Bryan Fury#6164


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    Welcome to AoC. We wish you the best of luck in recruitment and if you'd like any assistance, please reach out to us!
  • What is your plan to keep this guild alive? As Ashes corruption mechanic will place you on the minimap and reduce your pvp efficacy, it sounds quite difficult to run a guild based on ganking. Not to mention that you lose gear if you die. 
  • We will have rotating groups that will gank farmers and people collecting resources. When we need different kinds of mats we will have a couple people go out to collect them. If the people don't attack back and our collectors gain corruption, they will head back to the base rotate out with the next batch of people. They will then take off their gear, get killed and them put it back into their inventory. This will only happen when we require resources. In the the down time we will be doing pve/caravan raiding. As well as selling goods/weapons that we make.
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